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4 Top Tech Solutions for Literature Review in Dissertations

Looking to automate the manual tasks in performing a literature review? Our best literature review software enhances productivity with no extra cost or effort. They collect, classify, analyze, and publish research results. They even maintain a full record of information conducted on review projects.

As you know, a literature survey is important in any research work. It offers readers an overview of techniques, existing proficiency, and a chance to research applications. But it could take a lot of time and be daunting.

4 Top Tech Solutions for Literature Review in Dissertations

4 Best Literature Review Software

Our top university literature review tools will make your next survey more convenient and speedier. But before that, let us find out what a literature review is.

A literature review is a process of surveying scholarly sources on a topic. It is usually written as a part of a dissertation, thesis, or research paper.

It usually includes:

  • Finding, reading, and evaluating research papers.
  • Determining gaps and chances for better research.
  • Include the existing knowledge.

Students have situations when they cannot devote much time to studying. Because of this, they think about buy dissertation literature review to reduce their study time. Moreover, students use services for writing a dissertation literature review because they are more personalized. Experts can write a literature review on that topic under the conditions needed. Students spend less time studying but get good results.

Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit is a web-based software program available free of charge. It helps students in literature review for dissertations. It offers the most relevant maps to help streamline the research. This allows scholars to access and organize data on the needed topic. Some features of the tool include

S.NO. Features
1. Allows saving as well as organizing data in one’s own personal library.
2. Anyone could use the tool, regardless of their research experience level.
3. Create endless collections as required.
4. Highlighting and note-taking features allow students to summarize and extract key data.


Efficient search tools allow users to find the data they need immediately.
6. This AI literature review tool is accessible from anywhere with good internet access.



Zotero is another good piece of software you could consider. It collects and organizes research data, allowing users to produce and share citations. Users could use this free tool to directly scrape bibliographic data from PDF files. They may even import/export bibliographic databases in diverse formats. Some features of this open-source tool include

S.NO. Features
1. Users can work together with other researchers without any restrictions on private groups.
2. Helps collect and organize PDFs and share documents.
3. Mention references when writing.
4. It can be helpful, along with a Zotero connector, to collect associated data.
5. Craft notes for every reference.

4 Top Tech Solutions for Literature Review in Dissertations


SciSpace is a free platform that allows users to explore and read research papers. A tool features a Copilot. It’s an AI assistant that provides excellent answers and summaries for education literature or other reviews. Some features of SciSpace include

S.NO. Features
1. Ask questions to CoPilot to discover articles quickly.
2. Allows integration with the Zotero tool.
3. Let the user understand complicated math concepts quickly. They need to highlight the text and choose the table/formula.
4. Users can review, communicate, and learn from research papers in the desired language. The software usually supports more than 75 languages.
5. Provide suggestions for associated research papers. It allows users to find new papers without leaving the existing ones.


Mendeley is another good tool to collect and manage references and citations manually. Simply collect your journal articles and drop them in your citations as you write in M.S. Word. This desktop and web-based software is free. Some features of Mendeley include

S.NO. Features
1. Create a reference list automatically in Word from Mendeley Library in your desired format.
2. Users can even retrieve their references. They need to search for the term, and the tool will show the outcome by source, year, or author.
3. Mendeley Notebook allows effective reading and interpreting of documents. They can even store the documents in one location.
4. Add and remove PDF metadata from Mendeley Reference Manager automatically.


A good literature review is important for any academic piece of writing. The most time-consuming step is deciding on the sources and chapter structure. Top literature review generators overcome the existing difficulties in literature surveys. They make it easy for academics to combine proof for dissertations or research articles. It saves effort while reducing the time needed. So, get ready to transform your review process and accomplish your goals quickly.

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