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140it : For all those Twitterers who often hit “140 Char” limit

140it140it lets you shorten your tweets if they are exceeding the 140 character limit in twitter.

There’s a newly launched service called 140it(for a change,this time the twitter app isn’t “tw………”),that lets you shorten your tweets if they are exceeding the 140 character limit in twitter.They use the usual style of shortening the text,which is commonly used by us while sending an SMS or even a tweet.

For instance,we shorten ‘are’ with ‘r’ or ‘management’ with ‘mgmnt’ and now the same task can be done with this twitter based app.You just need to “drag ‘n’ drop” it in your browser toolbar and you’re done.If your tweet contains a web link then it will automatically convert it using also replaces company names for their StockTwits symbols.

TweetShrink and Twonvert are the two apps that have been providing this very same service for a while now but they force you to go to their homepage.140it,on the contrary never lets you come back again to their site by tending you to add it your toolbar and get the things done there itself.

But,you have to access your twitter account for tweeting through 140it.So,for now,you can’t enjoy the comfort of using an app such as TwitterFox and simultaneously use 140it to shrink your tweet.Seeing the growing population of colliding twitter apps,it’s pretty easy to predict that we will soon have such text shortening service,right there in TwitterFox or similar app as well.

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