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$10B merger of payments giant Worldpay with Vantiv

Worldpay has agreed to the acquisition offer from Vantiv and JPMorgan for an estimated sum of $10 Billion. Worldpay competes with the likes of PayPal, Stripe and lot other firms which work in the area of online payments and point of sale payments.

The news has seen a fall in the prices of Worldpay shares. However, there were corrections later on in the share market.

The deal will lead to a tightened competition amongst the players in this sector.  The merger will create world class payments system with deep expertise. It will enhance the group’s position in the dynamic market spreading across the product and vertical categories. Moreover, it will have strong distribution channels that will serve merchants from around the world. The UK and US markets will see added benefits for in-store and online markets.



The e-commerce is a low margin and high volume game in the industry. Vantiv with this particular merger will gain tremendous scale of business. Moreover, after the merger, the business will spread to US, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America. Their hold on the world’s largest e-commerce merchants will see an increase. Besides, the base of merchants of all sizes in Europe and the US will come under its platform.



The merger is poised to give a significant benefit of cost to the shareholders, a good news for an entity in e-commerce. This means there is an opportunity for further consolidation within the firm once merger completes.

Once, the merger is through to the final stage. Charles Drucker will take over as the executive chairman and Stephanie Ferris as the CFO. Moreover, Philip Jansen will take over as the Co-CEO.

Worldpay has been in the business of online payments since 1989. It is not one of those internet sensation businesses of the Dot-com era. However, it has positioned itself as a strong force in the field of online payments. It started as the subsidiary of NatWest Bank in the UK. Later on, it became a part of RBS. It eventually spun out of RBS as a disinvestment scheme during the banking crisis as part of the bailout package. Worldpay is a publically traded firm since 2015.

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