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How to Make Your Internet Run Faster

Low broadband speed not only irritates but also hampers result. Learn how to make your internet run faster with the help of this article.

Are you trying to load a web page for completing your project report but facing the dismal problem of timed-out internet connection? Seeing the message “Internet Explorer cannot display the Web Page” again and again on your computer screen is really frustrating. Moreover, it is not easy to find and fix the problem as there are so many places to look out and you probably don’t know about the tips and tricks for fixing the broadband low internet speed problem.

Here is a quick guide comprising 10 ways for troubleshooting and speeding up your broadband internet connection.

1. Check your Modem and Router

Sometimes a modem heats up if used for long hours so switch it off for few minutes for cooling it down. Moreover, you can also physically move your router to the central place for receiving better signal. Keep it away from other electronic devices such as baby monitors, Bluetooth devices and cordless phones, as broadband wireless connections are weakened due to electrical interferences from other devices.

2. Maintain your PC by running Scans

Clear your recycle bin by running a scan disk, Disk Defrag, a malware or virus scan. Sometimes due to virus or malware infection internet speed slows down drastically. You can also remove the temporary or old files that are often downloaded with the main files. The free space on your C: Drive should be always more than 10% of the total size of the drive. Keep updating your system as it facilitates your system with new features.

3. Upgrade your Broadband Package

If you are facing low internet speed problem frequently maybe you use internet heavily, and your broadband package is not suitable as per your usage. A few years ago you subscribed for a broadband package that is no longer suitable for your iPlayer or MMORPG. For this, you can search online the best bt broadband deals as per your usage requirement.

4. Use BT Broadband Accelerator

It is also known as iPlate and it helps in accelerating internet speed when used with the right kind of socket. This iPlate is used for reducing the external interferences which is very often picked up by your bell wires. It is seen that by using iPlate broadband internet speed can be increased up to 1-2Mbps.

5. Troubleshoot -Line Quality

You need to determine the signal coming at your home, so for replacing it you have to check at what instant the signal is degraded. For checking satellite internet connections you need to determine Line of straight. The angle between the dish and satellite has to be at a certain angle if something comes in between then, problem occurs.

6. Check Weather conditions

Broadband connections are affected by climatic conditions. Ice, snow can be affecting your connectivity and maybe becoming a barrier between your dish and the satellite. This is one difficult situation where you have to climb on the roof for clearing snow and other barriers.

7. Change Cable Network

Connecting wrong cables may slow down you internet connection. Crossover cables are to be connected directly to two different PCs. If you are using extension cables then it would slow down your connection speed, straight through cables works best when hub or routers are used.

8. Change Connection Settings

Running SG TCP Optimizer lets you arrange your settings and make your system faster. Moreover, press CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons, go to the task bar and close all unimportant programs running as they can consume your bandwidth making your internet connection slow.

9. Fix Wireless Router outage problem

You can check the wireless router outage problem by connecting your laptop or PC with the wired connection if the connection is established then it means your wireless connection is causing the problem. You can either fix it by using the wireless device manual; however, it requires in-depth knowledge, so it is better calling your Internet Service Provider.

10. Test your Programs

Run your computer and remove unwanted programs, sometimes certain programs require heavy space to work, and that slows down the speed. Moreover, do not download unnecessary files as they hamper your computer speed and indirectly effect your broadband internet connection.

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