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Youtube launches new tool to check Copyright Infringement issues during upload – Top Tech News

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Youtube launches new tool to check Copyright Infringement issues during upload

In order to curtail copyright infringement issues and make the process of ad revenue simpler, Youtube has launched Checks. A new feature that warns a video creator beforehand that whether the uploading video contains any copyrighted material and complies with the platform’s advertising guidelines. The most beneficial thing about this new tool is that Youtube will be able to check copyright issues during uploading of the videos, which will spare them the inconvenience of video takedowns. But it is still unclear whether Youtube will be launching this new tool globally or only in selected markets.


Snap Inc, a Snapchat owned company, acquires fit analytics

Snap Inc, a camera company owned by Snapchat, has acquired Berlin-based company Fit Analytics. The financial details of the deal have not been made public. Fit Analytics is a Berlin-based company that helps online shoppers to pick up the right size of clothing.


Facebook may launch Substack Clone to tap into Newsletter Business

According to reports, Facebook is testing a newsletter product that will be integrated to its social media page and will make it the direct competitor of Substack. Just like Substack, Facebook will also reportedly pay to selected writers. Newsletter business has apparently become a highly lucrative business, with micro-blogging giant Twitter also stepping into this arena.


Following a legal defeat in UK, Uber ready to classify drivers as ‘workers’  

Following a historic Supreme Court ruling, Uber has said that it is now ready to classify drivers as workers. This means that henceforth UK’s Uber drivers are now liable to minimum wages and even paid holidays. However, UK’s trade union bodies is still not happy with Uber’s latest compensation package.

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