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YouTube hit by fake Elon Musk Video Scam  

Here are top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


YouTube hit by fake Elon Musk Video Scam  

A shocking scam has been unearthed on the streaming platform YouTube and this scam is all about the controversial tech billionaire Elon Musk. According to the BBC, for several months YouTube has been hit by a barrage of fake Elon Musk videos that are trying to sell bogus cryptos. Most of these fake Elon Musk videos have extensively used deepfake technology to fool customers. As per rough estimate, the scamsters – who are behind this scam – have earned nearly $2,00,000 in a single week. Interestingly, this scam has come to light exactly a week after Musk trolled YouTube on Twitter for running scores of fake ads on its platform.


Rip Internet Explorer – The popular web browser is shutting down after 27 years

Microsoft will officially retire the once popular web browser ‘Internet Explorer’ on June 15th,         i.e. just two days from. Microsoft had already stopped providing support to Internet Explorer last year itself. At its peak in 1995, Internet Explorer owned nearly 95% market share in the global browsing market. For most of the 90s kids, Internet Explorer was the go-to web browser for browser internet. But with the advent of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, this once popular web browser rapidly started losing its market share. In fact, in 2022, Internet Explorer had a market share of only 0.38% across all platforms.


WhatsApp rival Telegram to soon launch paid subscription plans

Instant messaging app Telegram is all set to launch its first ever paid plan later this month. This paid plan will be called ‘Telegram Premuim.’ The company said that the paid plan among other things will offer many features including high-quality video calls and ability to transfer large size files. The Telegram’s founder said that the soon to launch paid plan will help the company in reducing its dependence on advertisers. Now it is interesting to see whether Whatsapp comes up with a similar paid plan. But personally speaking, going by the current scenario, the chances of Whatsapp coming up with a paid plan looks absolutely zero.


Google’s top engineer makes controversial claim about Google’s AI project

Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

Over the years there have been scores of Hollywood movies that have predicted that one-day machines will become more powerful than humans. While we don’t know whether these predictions will come true or not, a very interesting development has taken place in Google. Google’s top engineer, Blake Lemoine, has made a shocking claim that one of Google’s AI projects has started showing human-like qualities. This means that this AI project can not only feel emotions but can also think about its existence – just like all normal human beings do. However, Google has flatly denied these sensational claims. In fact, the tech giant has decided to send its engineer on a ‘leave’ for making a controversial statement on its AI project.


Koo – India’s Twitter alternative – makes its first big acquisition

Koo, India’s very own microblogging platform, is all set to acquire short video platform Mitron. However, the financial details of the deal are still not known. But it is presumed that this is completely a distress sale for Mitron, especially considering that Mitron was struggling to add new users to its platform for almost one year. Mitron was launched immediately weeks after TikTok was banned in India but failed to capture the market-share due to intense competition in the short video space. As for Koo, this is its first big acquisition. Koo was launched in early 200 as an alternative to Twitter.

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