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Xiaomi Officially Registers its Electric Vehicle Business   – Top Tech News


Xiaomi Officially Registers its Electric Vehicle Business  

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has now officially registered its electric vehicle business and will be known as Xiaomi EV Inc.  The company said that its electric division unit currently employs 300 workers and the business is led by group’s founder and CEO Lei Jun. Xiaomi had announced the entry in EV business in March this year and promised to invest $10Bn in next three years.


South Korea Passes Anti-Google and Anti-Apple Law

South Korean parliament has finally passed a bill that has been popularly touted as anti-Google and anti-Apple law. Although the law presumably does not mention Google and Apple in specific terms but it is apparently towards them. The new law essentially stops Google and Apple from forcing developers to use their indigenous payment system. This will pave way for the use of third party payments on Apple and Google’s app platform. South Korea has now become the first major economy to pass such law, laying the precedent for other economies to pass similar laws.


Microsoft’s Windows 11 is coming on October 5

Microsoft is all set to launch  Windows 11, its first major operating system in 6 years, on October 5th. The free upgrade of Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 Pc from October 5th. New hardware preloaded with Windows 11 will also be shipped from this day. Like all other previous Windows version, Windows 11 will be rolled out in a phased manner. Microsoft has also made an important announcement that Windows 11 won’t be coming to Android app until 2022.  


Apple has just Blocked a Slack Channel made by its Employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Apple has reportedly banned employees from creating a Slack channel that was exclusively dedicated to discuss about pay equity issues. Apple said that the Slack channel didn’t comply with the company rules. Over the last few months, Apple has come under intense public lens over pay equity issue. The critics claim that Apple fairs very poorly on pay equity issues.


Google Postpones Office Return as COVID Threat Continues

Image Credits: Flickr Saville

Google is extending its office to return policy until January next year as the global threat of COVID refuses to abate. The tech giant said it will set a timeline for office return policy after January 10th.  

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