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Xbox series without Disc Drive is arriving this Holiday season.

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Xbox series without Disc Drive is arriving this Holiday season.

There is a great news for gamers who always desired for an all-digital Xbox console. Microsoft is all set to launch an Xbox console without a disc drive this holiday season. Priced at $450, it will be available in ‘robot white’ and boast 1TB of storage space, similar to the standard Series X. There is every likelihood that Microsoft will also provide a disc drive attachment for gamers who may want to play physical games on their Series X too. In a separate news, Microsoft may also unveil a special edition Xbox series X in galaxy black color, which will indeed have a disc drive and boast twice the internal storage space at 2 TB.


IOS 18 may offer Face ID feature that will lock all your apps

Apple’s sensitivity about its user’s privacy is all too well known. Staying true to its reputation, there are rumours that the upcoming IOS 18 may allow users to lock all their important apps like Phones, Notes or banking apps behind an extra layer of biometric authentication. Perhaps Touch ID or iPhone’s Passcode could also be used to unlock the apps. There is no confirmation as to whether this feature will work with third party apps from the app store. Currently, many iPhone users lock their apps with Screen Time or Shortcuts but these methods are plagued with privacy loopholes. Over all, if this feature is implemented then it will prove to be a big win for privacy conscious iPhone users.


New York Times confirm source code of various apps & internal data stolen  

In a huge security breach, New York Times (NYT) admitted that hackers have stolen the source codes of its several applications, internal data and private information. The identity of the hackers is still not known and incident most likely took place in January. They leaked NYT’s enormous data, nearly about 270 GB, were leaked on popular forum 4chan, after stealing it from the company’s GitHub’s repositories. In a response to Bleeping Computer, NYT claimed that this breach would not have taken place if the credentials for a third-party cloud platform were not exposed. However, the company claimed that the breach did not affects its internal corporate systems and had no impact on its operations whatsoever.


Microsoft agrees to shut ‘Recall’ by default following Privacy Outcry

After enduring days of relentless criticisms, Microsoft has announced that its ‘Recall’ feature will now be an opt-in feature in the Copilot + compatible versions of Windows. This is in stark contrast to the earlier announcement when the software giant announced that it will be turned on by default, which immediately caused a privacy outcry from the public. Recall is actually an AI enabled silent recording feature. Keeping it switched on by default meant that it can immediately start recording all your activities as soon as you switched on your Copilot + laptop. Tech experts were also concerned about the way Recall stored data, making it potentially accessible to hackers.

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