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With eye on Metaverse, Alibaba leads $60 Mn funding in AR startup Nreal – Top Tech News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel that every technology lover should know about and keep a tab on.


With eye on Metaverse, Alibaba leads $60 Mn funding in AR startup Nreal

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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has spearheaded $60Mn investment round in Nreal, one of the hottest augmented realty startups of China. Alibaba now joins Tencent and ByteDance, who have already invested in Nreal. Nreal essentially makes AR smart glasses, a technology that is considered crucial for facilitating their growth in Metaverse. According to experts, with this investment both Tencent and Alibaba are aiming to strengthen their presence in Metaverse, which is the latest buzzword in the world of technology (Read more)


Elon Musk cites Eminem Song as his battle with SEC rages on

In an attempt to wrest back the complete control over his Twitter account, Elon Musk has cited rapper Eminem’s famous song Without Me while responding to Sec (Securities and Exchange Commission) through  a court filing . In the court filing Musk’s lawyer has said that just like FCC was once stopping Eminem from expressing himself, SEC is doing the same by curtailing Musk’s free speech on Twitter. Musk wants the court to revoke SEC’s decision that requires him to review his tweets by attorney before posting it on Twitter. Musk said that his situation is similar to the famous rapper who sand the highly song without me in an attempt to take on FCC, which had imposed heavy penalty on a radio station for playing his songs (Read more)


Lionel Messi signs $20 Mn deal with crypto fan token company Socios

Football superstar Lionel Messi has joined the crypto bandwagon. Nope, he hasn’t invested in a crypto startup but has agreed to become a global brand ambassador of popular crypto fan token website Socios. The deal is estimated to be $20 Mn and Socios will seek to  leverage Messi’s global fan base for popularizing its website. Fan token are type of cryptocurrency that mostly represent popular sports team and enable fans to participate in decision making process of their favorite team. After signing agreement with Socios, Messi said that ‘fans deserved to be recognized for their support’ to their favorite team (Read more)


Meta Introduces series of shortcuts to its Messenger Platform In U.S.

Facebook’s parent company has started rolling out series of shortcuts to its Messenger platform that promises to make your chat more fun and enthralling. But most likely these shortcuts currently will be available only to the U.S. users. Two shortcuts will be immediately available on both IOS and Android apps. These two shortcuts are @everyone and /silent. When you type @everyone, you can easily get everyone’s attention while typing /silent allows you to message someone without sending a notification. In the coming months, Meta plans to roll out scores of other shortcuts to the messenger platform (Read more)

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