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Windows 11 now available with CoPilot, AI Powered Paint and much more

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. Stories that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Windows 11 now available with CoPilot, AI Powered Paint and much more

Microsoft has just released the next big update of its Windows 11 operating system. With this update, Windows would be launching several AI features following months of experiments. This includes features like Windows Copilot, AI-powered paint and redesigned file explorer. However, it is the Windows Copilot feature that has created lot of excitement and hype. Windows Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that can help you with tasks such as finding information, launching apps, and controlling your PC. Copilot will appear in the sidebar in Windows 11. Additionally, the latest Windows 11 update also rolls out passkeys – a unique method that helps you to avoid typing passwords and use your face, fingerprints or PIN to sign in to your account.


Google Podcasts will be gone in 2024

Google has announced that it will be shutting down its podcasts app, known as Google Podcasts, later in 2024. The company said that it will now focus on providing podcasts service within YouTube Music and assured that podcasts will be available within YouTube Music globally by end of 2023. First launched on Android in 2018, Google Podcasts provided vast library of podcasts absolutely free. The company had launched the IOS version in 2020. However, it is all too apparent that despite all the efforts Google Podcasts has failed to live up to the expectation. Google Podcasts directly competes with Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Even CIA is building an AI Chatbot

According to Bloomberg, America’s premier intelligence agency CIA is currently busy in building its AI chatbot, which will be very similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The main aim of this AI tool will be to help CIA’s data analysts to analyze and summarize vast troves of public data. Just like ChatGPT, this AI tool will allow data analysts to ask questions and queries including follow-up questions. CIA claims that properly analyzing public data with the help of AI tool can go a long-way in strengthening America’s intelligence capabilities. This AI tool, however, is still in beta stage and its full-fledge launch is likely to happen in the coming months. This development also signifies the growing importance of AI in intelligence and security work.


ChatGPT maker OpenAI is planning to raise funds

OpenAI, the AI startup behind viral chatbot ChatGPT, is reportedly planning to raise funds by selling its existing shares at an eye-popping valuation of $80 billion to $90 billion. This will not only triple OpenAI’s valuation but would also make it one of the world’s most valuable private companies. However, there is still no information whether OpenAI is talking with existing investors or new investors for raising funds. There is also no clarity when this upcoming funding round is likely to be closed. Raising fresh capital will help OpenAI in creating more exciting AI products and strengthen its existing products. All these can eventually help OpenAI in consolidating its position in the AI market.


Sony launches investigation in Ransomware Attack

Sony has said that it has launched an official investigation after a ransomware group claimed to have breached the company’s systems. The group, called, is threatening to sell stolen data if Sony does not pay a ransom. has claimed on dark web that it has successfully compromised Sony’s system and it has no choice but to sell the data as Sony has refused to pay the ransom. However, Sony has not yet confirmed whether or not a breach has occurred. The company has said that it is investigating the situation and that it has no further comment at this time. This is not the first time that Sony has been targeted by hackers. In 2011, the company’s PlayStation Network was hacked, resulting in the theft of personal information from over 77 million accounts.

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