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Why minister Piyush Goyal used Shark Tank Meme

The Shark Tank meme explosion on Twitter is a thing to behold. Especially those who have any remote interest in startups or are vigilant about startup funding scenario have been clearly smitten by the Shark Tank memes.

Two days back, Piyush Goyal – a important minister in the Narendra Modi government used one such meme – to score a brownie point over the opposition parties.

On February 12, Goyal, a Textile & Commerce minister, tweeted “what did India do once every five days in 2020? Answer: It created a unicorn. This tweet came inclusive with Shark Tank meme that had the picture of Shark Tank judge Anupam Mittal, taking a pot shot at the opposition parties “I am not able to digest this”

Below is the scree-shot of Piyush Goyal’s tweet:

Piyush Goyal’s tweet was not only aimed towards highlighting Modi government’s contribution to India’s startup industry but also to highlight the economic achievement.

Opposition has been relentlessly attacking Modi government over economic issues, especially with context to inflation and unemployment.

Goyal’s tweet was a reminder to the opposition parties that India’s ballooning unicorn club is a symbolic of India’s resilient economy and mod government playing a key role in the same.

For all those of who don’t know unicorn refers to startups that are valued at $1 Bn or more.

While India has already added 8 unicorns in 2022, it added dozens of unicorns last year. Along with China and U.S, India now ranks among the top nations with unicorn startups.

However, many business experts have consistently questioned the valuation of these unicorn startups. They claim that these valuation don’t take into consideration the startup’s balance sheet and are highly-inflated.

Meanwhile, Shark Tank’s popularity keeps surging and this upsurge has been especially witnessed after Ashneer grover’s phone call fiasco. Grover is one of the several judges in Shark Tank.

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