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Why is Intel ready to Pay Whopping $1 Bn for Israeli Startup – Top Trending News


Why is Intel ready to Pay Whopping $1 Bn for Israeli Startup?

Intel is ready to pour out whopping $1 Bn for buying Israeli startup Moovit to fulfill its ambition in self-driving space. Now hold your breath, Intel isn’t competing with the likes of Uber, Google and Tesla. Moovit is actually a public transit app that helps in tracking traffic and offering transit recommendation to nearly 800 Mn drivers globally. This $1 Bn is, by the way, far less than $15 Bn that chip giant had paid to acquire Israeli self-driving technology company Mobileye.


Reliance Jio’s Covid-19 checker tool lands in a big ‘security embarrassment’


To overcome coronavirus pandemic, India’s telecom and internet major Reliance Jio had launched COVID-19 Symptom Checker Tool way back in March. Notwithstanding their good intentions, this Symptom Checker Tool has now landed Reliance Jio in a big security lapse mess. As per Techcrunch, a major security fault in one of the tool’s crore tool databases resulted in exposing test results of millions of users on the internet without password protection. Following this report, Reliance Jio has taken the data offline.


Japan’s Covid-19 Patients greeted with feel-good robots in hotels

Coronavirus patients in Japan are now been greeted with a special Robot at the hotel lobby. Nope, this robot is not a doctor nor does it handover any prescription for overcoming this deadly virus. This is just a robot that gives positive vibes in his perky voice that goes something like this “Please, wear a mask inside” and “I hope you get well soon.” These robots have been stationed at hotels where Coronavirus patients with light symptoms are been admitted.


Tencent buys minority stake in Australian startup AfterPay    

Image Credits: Flickr Kevin San          

Chinese internet giant Tencent has bought 5% stake in Australian startup AfterPay for A$390 Mn, which accounts for nearly $251 Mn in US dollars. AfterPay allows its app users to shop and pay later, a formula that has become immensely famous among the millennials. In AfterPay case, users can pay later in 4 interest-free installments.


Tesla’s valuation tanks by $14 Bn, thanks to Elon Musk’s latest twitter rant

Elon Musk has a serious problem and the problem is his twitter account. Musk probably stands out for fear and trepidation that his twitter account evokes among his investors. Now his latest tweet claiming that “Tesla stock price are too high” has cost fortunes for his electric driving company.  According to reports, Tesla’s value has been wiped by $14 Bn post Musk’s latest twitter rant.

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