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Why Elon Musk’s $6Bn Charity is Turning out to be a Mystery

Has Elon Musk finally started taking philanthropy seriously. If Musk’s past philanthropic activities serves us any hint than the world’s richest man doesn’t really come across as a kind or very generous person. But this perception might undergo some change after a regulatory filing with American stock exchange regulator (SEC) revealed that last year Musk sold $6 Bn worth Tesla shares and donated the money from share sale out for charity.

A $6 Bn charity technically makes Musk one of the top philanthropic personalities of the world. To put it even more preciously, Musk’s $6 Bn donation is America’s second largest donation of 2021.

While Musk’s $6 Bn donation certainly spells a good news for mankind and Americans in general, there is one problem. No one is yet clear where has this astronomical amount of $6 Bn gone. The SEC filing does not mention the name of any charity organization nor is Tesla CEO making any special efforts to shed any light on this issue.

Musk’s generous donation though should not be seen in isolation. Simply because not too long ago the Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO was surrounded in tax bill controversy. In Musk’s own word, his $11 Bn tax bill is one of the largest tax bills in America’s corporate history.

On Twitter many people came with the theory that Musk’s $6 Bn donation is all for the purpose of securing tax concession from the American government. Many people on twitter reluctantly agreed to this theory.

There is another theory that is cooking on Twitter and this has to do with Musk’s last year’s tweet on UN.

In October, Musk in his quintessential way tweeted on Twitter that if UN could prove that if $6Bn is enough to solve the world hunger problem then he right away $6 Bn to UN.

Citing this popular tweet, many people on microblogging website are claiming that Musk may have given $6Bn to UN to solve the hunger problem.

But the thing is no one quite knows where has Musk’s $6 Bn gone. Like everything else this mystery will further add to the enigma that the world knows by the name ‘Elon Musk.’



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