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Whatsapp’s co-founder Brain Acton is now Signal’s Interim CEO – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Whatsapp’s co-founder Brain Acton is now Signal’s Interim CEO

Whatsapp’s rival Signal has announced that Whatsapp’s co-founder Brain Acton will be the new CEO of the instant messaging company. This after Signal’s CEO Moxie Marlinspike decided to step down from the position. Marlinspike said that the company is still scouting for a permanent CEO. Notably, Acton left Whatsapp in 2017 after falling out with Facebook over data privacy and several other contentious issues (Read more)


Meta postpones office reopening

Meta (previously known as Facebook) has once again pushed the office reopening date in the wake of surge in covid cases due to the new Omicorn variant. The company has now moved the office reopening date to March 28, 2022. The social media giant has mandated that the returning workers will have to show the proof of the booster shot (Read more)


Intel retreats over XinJiang issue after Chinese Backlash

Chipmaker Intel has decided to withdraw its protest over the sticky issue of XinJiang region. The U.S. based chip manufacturer has removed the reference to the insurgency hit region from the annual letter to its suppliers. Earlier, Intel had asked its suppliers to avoid suppling their chips to the XinJiang region. The region has become a contentious issue between China and the west due to the alleged human right violation against in the region (Read more)


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is worth $96 Bn

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who is a former Macdonald employee, is now worth $96 Bn, according to Bloomberg billionare index. This puts him in the world’s richest club that includes personalities like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Zhao’s company Binance is today world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (Read more)


iPhone S3 to be launched in March or April

Tim Cook Apple CEO

According to Bloomberg news report, Apple is all set to launch iPhone S3 model in March or April. The company is already in the midst of planning a special event for launching its iPhone S3 model, reports claim. If there is any truth in this report then it will be Apple’s first virtual event of 2022 (Read more)     

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