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WhatsApp’s big e-commerce Push – Top Trending News

Here are the Top Trending and interesting Stories from the world of technology…


WhatsApp’s big e-commerce Push

Whatsapp payment
The official logo of WhatsApp

WhatApp said on Tuesday that it is all set to roll out shopping cart feature into its Whatsapp Business app. This launch will be done globally, and marks Facebook owned instant messaging app’s decisive push in the e-commerce market. These carts will supposedly make it easier for WhatsApp users to buy multiple products at one go and also help merchants to keep track of their record. Since acquiring WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook has been desperately seeking ways to monetize the instant messaging app. This desperation is well understood given that Whatsapp has a global user base of 2 Bn and Facebook had paid a whopping amount of $20 Bn to acquire WhatsApp.


Youtube Rolls out support for Live Streams  

Good news for Youtube viewers, Youtube has finally rolled out HDR support for its live stream content. This comes almost four years after the streaming giant had launched HDR support for pre-recorded content. For all those who are not aware, HDR stands for high dynamic range and boosts a far superior video quality than the standard videos. Youtube viewers can watch HDR content on all supported devices including mobile devices, desktops, laptops, TV sets etc.


China bans TripAdvisor from its app store….

Today millions of people use TripAdvisor for planning vacations. However, Chinese people now won’t be able to avail the services of TripAdvisor since China has now banned the TripAdvisor app from its app store. The app was actually part of the list of 105 apps that China has sought to ban to stop the spread of content related to phonography, prostitution, gambling and violence.  Most of the apps included in this list happen to be Chinese apps.


Tesla to offload shares worth $5 Bn amid its skyrocketing share prices

In a clear indication that Elon Musk wants to leverage Tesla’s eye-popping valuation, Tesla announced on Tuesday that it is selling shares worth $5 Bn. This is third time that electric vehicle giant has sought to sell its shares this year to raise eternal funding. Tesla’s stocks have soared by almost 670% this year, taking company’s valuations well beyond $600 Bn. However, some critics are arguing that Tesla has been over-valued and its real market valuation is far more lower.

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