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WhatsApp may soon support ‘Third Party Messaging’ apps

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast needs keep a tab on.   


WhatsApp may soon support ‘Third Party Messaging’ apps

WhatsApp has just released an Android beta update that adds a new section called “Third-party chats.” This section indicates that WhatsApp is about to add a new feature that will allow its users to chat with the users of other popular messaging apps like Telegram, Signal and Facebook Messenger. The new feature is likely being developed in compliance with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA requires large messaging apps like WhatsApp to allow users to communicate with users of other messaging apps without having to switch the app. However, it is still not clear when WhatsApp plans to release this feature to the public.



Apple will continue to use Qualcomm’s modems in iPhone

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Qualcomm has announced that it has inked a new deal with Apple to supply 5G Modems for iPhones until 2026. This news comes as a surprise as Apple was expected to use its own in-house modems in its iPhones from 2024. But the new deal with Qualcomm clearly indicates that the iPhone maker is still not ready with its in-house modems. The new deal obviously spells good news for Qualcomm as it will help in boosting its revenue. The agreement also means that Apple and Qualcomm will avoid legal clashes, at least in the near future. Both companies have been involved in legal disputes over the issue of patent infringement.


Meta’s Threads blocks ‘Vaccine,’ ‘Covid’ and other search terms

Just couple of days back Meta’s Threads had launched keyword searching capabilities. However, it now turns out that the app is blocking searches of “potentially sensitive terms” including terms like vaccinees, Covid and other terms that have been heavily associated with misinformation. Meta has confirmed this news but said that it is only temporarily blocking these terms. The company further said that it will remove this temporary blockage once it is confident about the quality of search results. However, many have criticized Meta’s latest action, arguing that it will make it harder for people to get information on Covid and its vaccinees.


US Copyright Denies Protection for AI Generated image (yet again)

The US Copyright Office has denied protection for yet another AI-created image. This is the third time in the past year that the regulatory body has made such a decision. The latest case involved an image called “Theatre D’opera Spatial” created by artist Jason M. Allen. Mr. Allen had used an generative AI system to generate the image. However, he argued that the image was copyrightable as he had used numerous revisions and text prompts to arrive at the final version of the image. But the copyright office disagreed and maintained that the art work completely lacked human craftmanship and was completely generated by a computer system.


Cybersecurity issue forces computer shutdowns at MGM Resorts

Casino and hotel giant MGM Resorts International said on Monday that a cybersecurity issue led to the shutdown of computer systems at its properties across the U.S. It identified the issue on Sunday and took preventive steps to protect its data, including shutting down certain systems. It did not provide any details about the nature of the issue or whether any customer data was compromised. The shutdown severely affected MGM’s daily operations including services like booking reservations, gaming and guest services. Back in 2019, MGM Resorts had also suffered a massive data breach wherein the financial details of its customers were compromised.

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