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WhatsApp finally allows you to Edit Sent Messages

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


WhatsApp finally allows you to edit sent messages

WhatsApp is at last rolling out a feature that probably everyone was desperately waiting for. Starting from Monday, the Meta owned instant messaging platform will allow its users to edit sent messages. But the users will have to be little quick as they will be getting only 15 minutes for completing the editing task. To edit the message, users will have to long press on the message and then select the edit option from the pop-up menu. Edited messages will be marked as ‘edited’ next to the time stamp. With the launch of this long-awaited feature, WhatsApp participants will finally be able to get rid of the embarrassing typos in the send messages.


Meta fined $1.3 Bn by European Union

Image Credits: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook’s parent company Meta has been levied a record $1.3 Bn fine by the European Union or EU for illegally sending the data of the European users to the data centers located in the U.S. The size of this fine is probably so far the biggest that any big American tech company had to face under the GDPR law. It surpasses the previous fines of 746 Mn Euros or $806 Mn levied against Amazon. This record fine will further add up to the problem of Meta, which is already facing several regulatory hurdles and market implications over the failure of Metaverse.


TikTok sues US State Montana to fight State-Wide-Ban  

TikTok has decided to lock horns with the U.S. state of Montana after filing a law suit in a U.S. federal court against the state. The law suit has been filed to fight against Montana’s decree of imposing state-wide ban on the TikTok. The ban will officially start from 2024 and its legally bars the citizens of Montana from using the popular video sharing app. TikTok has argued in the lawsuit that the ban violates the constitutionally protected right to free speech. TikTok is currently having rough time in the U.S as it faces tremendous pressure from the Biden administration to come clean on its data privacy practices.


Bill Gates claims that AI could finish Google Search & Amazon  

Image Credits: Flickr GRC/RCMP

Microsoft’s legendry co-founder Bill Gates has made a doomsday prophecy for Google Search & Amazon. Gates claimed that the future top companies will create a personal AI agent that will perform all the important activities on behalf of the people, including search, shopping and other productive tasks. The tech billionaire hinted that this situation or reality won’t bode well for tech companies like Google and Amazon. He further added that there is a 50:50 chance that further AI winner will be either a startup or a big tech company and hoped that his own company Microsoft won’t miss on this massive opportunity.


Meta plans to launch Twitter Competitor next month itself  

Barely a day ago strong rumors started swirling that the Meta owned Instagram will finally launch a Twitter alternative in the market. Sources close to the matter are now claiming that the launch of Instagram’s Twitter version could happen as early as next month itself, precisely by end of June. Sources further claim that Meta’s Twitter will be a decentralized app and Instagram’s existing users will get an easy or automatic log-in into the microblogging platform.

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