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What should you consider when buying a mobile phone in 2017?

There are over 2 billion worldwide and nowadays. You’ll be hard pressed to leave the house without coming across at least one person entwined into their mobile phone, yourself included in that!

But with technology advancing as it is, what are they main things you should consider for 2017 when buying a new phone?

Firstly, if you’re buying a new handset you need to decide whether you’re already locked into a particular operating system which is likely to either be Android and iOS. Google and Apple’s operating systems account for over 90% of smartphones used.

And if you’ve been using either one platform for a number of years, the likelihood is that you have purchased music, films, apps and TV shows, if you’re looking to move across platforms, you will not be able to access your previous purchases.

So, if you’re a diehard iPhone user, you’re likely to have hordes of music and TV shows stored in iTunes, so you may be better off staying put. Similarly, if you have a plethora of apps, TV shows and movies owing to Android, you may wish to stick to the Google Play Store.

You also need to consider what is most important to you when and what you’re likely to use your phone for most and then do your research. If you’re on the move a lot, you’re going to need a device with a decent battery life so research phones and find one that is going to last you all day.

If you’re a keen photographer, or simply likely to capture memories regularly, you need a device with a good camera. Think about what you use most in your day-to-day life on your current phone, or what bothers you most about your current device and take this into consideration when choosing a new one.

The size and resolution of display must be taken into consideration, also. If you’re an avid Netflix or YouTube fan and stream videos a lot, or edit photos etc., a smartphone with a large display and full-HD/WHD resolution is best for you.

Anything larger than six inches will make the handset not only extra bulky, but difficult to carry around, particularly if you don’t tend to carry a bag. If you just your phone for checking emails, browsing social media and staying in touch with friends, a large display is not necessary and five to five and a half inches will more than suffice.

If you do want a boat load of apps on your phone, along with several playlists, groupings of videos and albums and albums of photos then you need to think about storage.

A large part of the smartphone’s storage is taken away from operating systems and the apps the device is pre-loaded with. So, if you’re buying a 32/128GB iPhone, this will not come with the exact mentioned space. However, the good thing about Android devices is that many come with the option of an additional memory card.

But what about your old phone? The Trade-in feature at Mobile Phones Direct is a fantastic little tool which allows you trade in your old phone to decrease the cost of your new purchase. You simply have to follow the details on the site to find the cost of your current phone.

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