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VulnOS: GDPR Compliance tool for SMEs

It is now an open secret that most SMEs in Europe are still not compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  Although large scale companies are also lagging behind in GDPR compliance, SMEs make for an exceptional case owing to their financial vulnerabilities. The weak financial position should make SMEs to expedite their GDPR compliance procedure and spare themselves from financial penalties that run in millions of dollars.

Fortunately, today there are many online tools that can greatly help small and medium scale companies on this front. The one online solution that is making all the right noise is VulnOS. VulnOS’ AI powered solution puts non-compliant GDPR SMEs on a driving seat by making them compliant in matter of few clicks. Yeah, you heard it right, it takes only few clicks. This is the power of VulnOS’ smart AI bot, which gets into the act as soon as you sign in and get on board.

Thanks to this smart AI bot, your company is spared from the hassles of legal paperwork and incredible amount of time and energy that goes with it. However, this is just one part about how VulnOS can help SMEs on GDPR compliance front. The other part, on other hand, unravels the many useful features that this company brings forth. These features make amply sure that their clients are 100% compliant with Europe’s latest data protection law. 100% compliant certainly entails that the legal loopholes are covered and thereby protecting companies from any potential financial penalties.

Below these important features have been briefly covered

  • Continuously Tracks Your company’s GDPR Compliance: It would have been so great if GDPR had been one time compliance procedure but sadly it is not. GDPR Compliance is a continuous process as it mandates companies to maintain, update and change their record from time to time. In such a scenario, VulnOS’ AI bot will prove more than handy as it will continuously ensure that your company is completely GDPR compliant.


  • Vendors Compliance Management: VulnOS tracks down the GDPR compliance status of your every vendor and thereby ensure that none of the non-GDPR compliant vendor becomes legal liability for your company.


  • Makes sure your Privacy and Cookie Policies are fully compliant: Privacy and Cookie Policies are undoubtedly integral part of the GDPR and therefore any non-compliance issue can prove costly for your company. But no worries, VulnOS’ one-click template creator will ensure that all the loopholes in your privacy and cookie policies are fully covered to ensure that they are fully GDPR compliant.


  • Records of Processing Activities: VulnOS conserves records of all the processing activities, which is important for complying with GDPR Art. 28(1), 24(1), 29 & 46(1).


  • CodeLess SDK (Software Development Kit): To activate VulnOS AI bot, you don’t need any special coding skills. Not to mention that the AI bot fully compatible with all types of websites – WordPress, Joomla, Wix Site etc.


The great thing is that SMEs can avail all the above mentioned features without putting much stress on their budget. This is all thanks to VulnOS’ friendly pricing model, which entitles you to pay as long as your business is growing. The moment your business goes down, you can anytime cancel the plan. The pricing model certainly suits most SMEs, which are very budget conscious.

The company has also put in place 24/7 and 365 days customer support service for their customers. Customers can register their queries and compliant via vulnOS’ dedicated chat and support portal.

Conclusion: It is most certain that the GDPR law will catch up in coming months, which will surely make non-compliant GDPR SMEs go through harrowing times. With innovative GDPR compliance tools like VulnOS, SMEs can spare themselves these blushes, which can possibly prevent their company from termination. Not to mention VulnOS’ AI driven solution can also save incredible amount of time and energy as it guarantees 90% faster compliance than traditional method.

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