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Media analytic startup Vtion secures funds from Angel List India: Report

Vtion raises $280,000 from Angel List India.

Media analytic startup Vtion has reportedly managed to raise $280,000 from popular investment network Angel List India. According to reports, Rahul Khanna, Rajeev Arora and Ram Ramsundar participated in the angel round on behalf of Angel List India. Funds were also sourced from several angel investors settled in Stockholm, Dubai and the US.

Vtion will use the funds for marketing purposes, recruiting skilled employees, filing patent applications and venturing into adjacent digital areas.

Incorporated in 2016 by Manoj Dawane and with Rajshree Dave, Vtion calls itself media technology innovation firm that aims to offer flawless analytics data to companies across different sectors. It uses radio and audio metering to gain deep and precise insight into consumer behavior and consumption pattern.

In Today’s highly competitive environment, most companies would do anything to access deep insight into consumption pattern to ensure higher ROI.

Vtion was so far bootstrapped with initial investment of almost Rs 75 lakh investment. Its founder Mr. Dawane has more than 2 decades of experience in marketing, with most of his marketing experience based in telecom, ITES, and sports analytics business. Dawane conceptualized the idea of Vtion after realizing that the radio chips inserted in our smart phones can be smartly used to measure consumption pattern.

Companies are desperate to dig deep into deep BIG Data

As consumers become more and more reliant on smartphones and other digital mediums, today most companies across the vertical are desperate to know about the consumer data that is lying inside consumer’s smartphones, tablets etc. Access to this data easily paves way for companies to perfect their services & products and eventually guarantees them higher ROI.

However, this highly sought after data is highly complex and simply too big for companies to comprehend. Spotting opportunity in this big data puzzle are new age data analytic startups that promises to simplify this highly complex data with the help of advanced technologies like Hadoop & artificial intelligence.

Today this space is buzzing with competition, with several analytic startups aimed at different sectors and businesses with clear goal to solve data puzzle for their clients. Some of the top startup in this space are Razorthink, G-Square Solution, Realbox, 3LOQ and Recosense Labs.

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