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Vitalik Buterin donates worth $1Bn of Meme Coins to India’s Covid Fund – Top Trending Stories

Here are the top trending new from the world of technology


Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, donates $1 billion of Meme coins to India’s Covid relief fund.

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, on Wednesday made one of the largest individual donation to India’s COVID relief fund. According to reports, Buterin transferred 500 ETH and 50 trillion SHIB (a meme coin) to help India tide the COVID surge. However, Buterin’s philanthropic efforts caused panic reaction among investors as it sent SHIB’s price crashing southwards. SHIB’s popularity among the investors has increased exponentially in the wake of sporadic increase in dogecoin’s valuation over the last few weeks.


Tesla applies a sudden ‘brake’ on Bitcoin transactions, citing environmental concern.

As early as last March Tesla had sent the crypto industry on a ‘crazy,’ after the electric vehicle major  announced that it will accept bitcoins from customers. However, Tesla’s love affair with bitcoin has proved to be a short one as the company on Wednesday announced that it has halted Bitcoin transactions. The Elon Musk promoted company cited ‘environmental concerns’ for taking this decision, citing that ‘mining bitcoins’ isn’t really sustainable environmental practice.


Microsoft to wind up its Azure Blockchain Service    

Tech giant Microsoft has decided to shut down its Azure Blockchain service in September. The company said that existing deployment will be supported until September this year but no new deployments and customers will be added from May. Microsoft had entered the blockchain space in 2015.


India rolls out 5G trails but keeps out Chinese companies       

Indian government has given green signal to various domestic telco companies as well as global equipment manufacturers to conduct a six month 5G trail across the country. However, Chinese equipment makers like ZTE and Huawei have been kept out of the trail. Indian government has cited ‘security concerns’ for keeping out Chinese companies in the 5G trail process.


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