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Virgin Orbit’s Maiden rocket launch ends in a Grand Failure – Top Trending News

Here are top five trending news from the world of technology 


Virgin Orbit’s maiden rocket launch ends in a grand failure

On Monday, the daring attempt by Virgin Orbit – a space company owned by billionare Richard Branson – to launch a rocket into space from a modified 747 Boeing airplane met with a grand failure. Theoretically and as per the plan, Virgin rocket named LauncherOne was supposed to blast into the orbit from a modified plane named Cosmic Girl. However, the operation had to be aborted the moment rocket left the jetliner.


Whatsapp’s rival Telegram drops out of legal battle against SEC

Popular instant messaging app Telegram has officially dropped the lawsuit against court’s previous hearing that upheld SEC’s decision of prohibiting Telegram from issuing cryptocurrencies (gram tokens) to investors. The legal battle began in October last year after SEC halted Whatsapp’s rival from launching Gram token in to the market, citing that it was violating the rules.


Have Australians given thumbs down to govt’s COVIDSafe tracking app

Image source: Pixabay

It was supposed to become Australia’s best possible weapon to steam the growth of coronavirus but is proving to be a big dud now. Australia’s COVIDSafe tracking app’s disappointing download numbers suggest that, as reported by the press, people are not reposing much trust in the app. According to reports, the number of new downloads has declined in the past few weeks. However, Australia can take respite over the fact that its Coronavirus victims are far less than compared to other countries. Australia till date has seen 7116 coronavirus cases and 102 deaths.


Zoom bans GIF platform Giphy from its chat feature

Citing security measures, the popular video conferencing app Zoom has disabled GIF platform Giphy from its chat feature. The company said on its official blog post that the platform will be re-integrated once additional security and technical measures are deployed.


Wikipedia plans to crackdown on harassment and toxic behavior

Image source: Flickr

Wikipedia, one of the most popular information and knowledge-oriented websites, is planning to roll out new code of conduct. The main purpose of this new code conduct is to officially crack down on harassment and toxic behavior. The Wikimedia, which oversees Wikipedia, formally voted for this new code of conduct last week. However, these new rules won’t be enforced immediately as Wikimedia foundation will draft these new rules only by end of 2020.

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