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Vabotu: A Workplace Collaboration Tool that will Bring lot of Harmony to your Work

Company: Creative27

Founder: Vasile B. Tiplea

Funding: Bootstrapped

Main competitors: Trello and Slack

Headquarters: Los Angeles

It takes a lot of courage for any new company to challenge the most dominant players in the market. But the workplace collaboration tool, Vabotu, has done exactly this by claiming that it offers more & better features than Trello and Slack. Whether this is an open provocation or a marketing ploy is debatable but Vabotu’s claim doesn’t appear to be a case of false bravado or unwarranted arrogance. Not at least when Vabotu is rapidly gaining acceptability and great reviews from companies across different sectors and industries.

This acceptability is obviously due to Vabotu’s well-designed features that are evidently helping to increase the overall productivity of companies.  We’ve given a brief description of these features and this should give a fair idea about how exactly they help in enhancing productivity.

Seamless Communication: Knowing that the success of any professional collaboration depends on unobstructed communication, Vabotu platform has tried to make team communication as smooth and seamless as possible.  Members can make private or public chat without any interruption and hindrance. The unobstructed communication enables members to do a wide range of productive things including sharing of files & documents and checking out assigned tasks.

Project management: Vabotu simplifies project management by allowing you to plan, manage, track and assign projects to different team members under one platform. Not to mention you can also set the deadline, prioritize the task and add comments, attachments & sub-tasks.

Online storage: On Vabotu platform, each workplace is allotted dedicated workplace where members can easily store multi-media and other types of files. Members can also obviously share and comment about these files. Files can be shared either through messaging or task board and this can be done across all devices. Furthermore, you can also free your storage by deleting multiple files simultaneously.

Visual collaboration tool: Vabotu helps to spark and rekindle your creativity with its ‘visual feedback’ feature. But what makes this feature even better is the fact that you can add feedback directly into images, messages, and tasks. Giving feedback was never this easy and simple.

Pricing: Despite boasting cutting edge features, Vabotu is not at all pricy. The company has created affordable packages and as a result, companies don’t have to dig deep into their wallets or cash reserves to subscribe to the services.

Currently, Vabotu offers four packages to its clients: freelance, studio, agency, and enterprise. While freelance package designed for 10 users is absolutely free, studio (30 users) and agency (75 users) are charged $29.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Lastly, to ensure user’s convenience, Vabotu stays in sync across all the leading devices – from desktops & laptops to smartphones and laptops.

What Vabotu lacks

Although the presence of all the above-mentioned features has helped in making Vabotu into an effective platform. The absence of an essential feature like ‘calling’ certainly dents the productivity quotient of this platform. Calling feature would have helped their clients in further pushing their work productivity.  Thereby securing a decisive edge over its competitors.

Hopefully, Vabotu’s management will give serious thought to adding a ‘calling feature’ in the near future.

Conclusion: Vabotu’s highly effective features can help companies in becoming more agile. Which will improve the overall efficiency by cutting down unnecessary leakages in their productivity. Simply put, this workplace collaboration tool will pave way for a new way in conducting day to day business operation; a new way that in all likelihood will infuse a fresh breath of life into your business.

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