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uHoo Brings an Innovative Solution for Indoor Air Quality; Simple, Agile, and Advanced

The increasing population, growing cities, and surging human activities have contributed a new term to the day-to-day of people. It is “air quality index,” and that is directly responsible for the health of the people considering the vast number of critical illness caused by air pollution. Every year, various agencies come up with indexes of worst and best cities in air quality, and this shows the governments, organisations, and individuals are serious about the changing numbers. The air quality of exterior is measured and provided by city officials or agencies, but what about interior air quality? Many are not aware of the importance of it, and for them, uHoo brings an excellent solution to monitor the quality of air inside homes and offices.

It is an Innovation

uHoo provides a comprehensive solution which is simple, interactive, and advanced that fits the interior air quality needs of the homes and buildings. It gives detailed data of the interior along with the critical parameters which can derail the health of inhabitants. The device can be synced to a smartphone device and monitor the data on real time basis. Additionally, it has options to track the data on a regular basis, and people can analyse the fluctuations in interior air quality over a period.

Why Air Quality is Important

While many consider the air quality parameters are less critical, the data speaks a different story. Per World Health Organization, almost 570,000 children under that age of five die a year due to air quality and related illness. When it comes to the data irrespective of the age, the count stands at 5.5 million deaths a year. In the case of carbon monoxide, at least 30,000 people are sickened by the accidental exposure to poisonous gas in the United States. While coming to particulate matter and air pollution, it causes 25% of lung cancer deaths, 15% of stroke and ischaemic heart diseases, and 8% chronic obstructive pulmonary disease deaths. It should be noted that the increasing numbers year after year is another major concern.

uHoo Sensor Tracks…

  • Temperature – to set a comfortable ambience interior
  • Humidity – for respiratory relief and to avoid mould
  • Carbon Dioxide – to ensure quality, oxygen rich air at interior
  • Airborne Chemicals – to prevent the presence of cleaning or other chemicals
  • Particulate Matter – monitor dust and other allergic substances that cause respiratory issues
  • Air Pressure – avoid any headaches or arthritic pains by setting at standard air pressure
  • Carbon Monoxide – put a check for the poisonous gas
  • Ozone – stay away from a sore throat by monitoring the presence of ozone




Benefits of the Sensor System   

  • Health and well-being of the inhabitants
  • Creating a digital environment to make the building greener and smarter
  • Efficient systems with optimal use of heating and HVAC systems, thus savings on energy costs
  • A better understanding of the polluting contents and contributors in the habitats
  • Creating an alarm for the indicators and provides suggestible solutions to overcome it


The sensor system is a real necessity in today’s world. uHoo came up with an answer to many questions related to air pollution and associated illness with an innovative technology solution. It was big news when a Chinese restaurant charged customers a “clean-air fee” for providing unpolluted air in December 2015. It is an alarming signal of what is expected in future, and uHoo sensor solution is a great effort to save the health and money of people.

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