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Ubereats-Grubhub deal bad for consumers, US Senator claims – Top Trending News


US senator claims Ubereats-Grubhub deal is bad for consumers


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US senator Amy Kolbuchar on Sunday took to his Twitter account to express his displeasure on the ongoing merger talks between Ubereats and Grubhub. Kolbuchar, an influential democratic senator, claimed that a big company (Uber) cornering a small company essentially spells a bad news for the entire market as well as the consumers. Uber and Grubhub are still engaged in merger talks. If the merger does take place then it will be one of the biggest consolidation in America’s foodtech industry.


Apple’s stores reopening to start from this week

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Apple Inc. said on Sunday that it will start unlocking some its stores in the U.S. from this week, signaling similar decisions await for its other stores located globally. With the exception of Greater China, Apple decided to pull down all its stores in rest of the world; after WHO declared coronavirus a global pandemic in March. However, to stem the growth of COVID-19 Apple said that it will strictly implement all the precautionary measures in stores that will be re-opened this week.


Zoom faces major outage; company claims problem solved

On Sunday users of Zoom reported that they are facing issues in hosting and joining meetings. Users in the UK, according to media reports, first reported this problem. Zoom also confirmed the same on its official Twitter account. However, later in the day the company said that the issue has been resolved but did not cite any specific reasons for the outage problem.


Alibaba’s Jack Ma quits from SoftBank board

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Alibaba’s co-founder and one of the richest billionaires in the world, Jack Ma, will resign from SoftBank’s board.  The official statement issued by SoftBank confirmed this news. Ma, who resigned from Alibaba’s executive chairman in September last year, is now more focused on philanthropic services. Meanwhile, SoftBank has lost much of its sheen in the investment community after WeWork’s IPO fiasco last year.


Musk’s SpaceX earns ire from California official for Tesla spat

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California state panel rejected Elon Musk’s request for subsidy, amounting to $655,550, for SpaceX on Friday. According to media reports, panel cited Musk’s recent spat with Alameda County for rejecting the subsidy request. Few days back, Musk had challenged California officials to sue Tesla for defying their work from home orders.

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