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Uber Eats may cease operations in Brazil – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Uber Eats may cease operations in Brazil


According to media reports in Brazil, Uber has decided to close its food delivery business in Brazil. Brazilian media claims that Uber Eats is expected to cease operations from the first week of March. This decision is part of Uber Eats ongoing efforts to exit from unprofitable markets and consolidates its position in the profitable ones. Uber Eats has followed this exit strategy in several markets including in India and Hong Kong (Read more)


Kazakhstan crackdown hits Bitcoin Mining

Kazakhstan’s relentless mass public protest over rising prices is taking a hard toll on the country’s internet operations. Internet is almost facing a black out in the country, bringing to halt the bitcoin mining activities in the country. Kazakhstan is home to world’s second largest bitcoin mining operations, which has been forced to cease its operations (Read more)


Drone helps in saving cardiac arrest patient in Sweden

UK drone registration and owner test

According to BBC, an autonomous drone played a major role in saving the life of a 71 year old patient suffering from cardiac arrest. The drone helped in timely delivery of defibrillation device, which helped in restoring the heartbeat of the patient. The defibrillation device was delivered even before the arrival of ambulance (Read more)


Clubhouse is finally expanding to the web    

The live audio platform Clubhouse till date was only available on the IOS and Android. But this might soon change as Clubhouse has started testing ‘web listening’ feature for web browsers in the U.S. Although Clubhouse might have been bit late in testing this feature but is offering quite a few unique propositions to users (Read more)


You can soon retweet TikTok like reaction videos on Twitter

Twitter has begun testing the automatic tweet promotion subscription

Twitter may have killed Fleets but is not shying away further experimentations. The micro-blogging platform is now testing a new video format. This video format will allow users to embed videos and photos in their quote tweet. The company has started testing the feature for select IOS users (Read more)    

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