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Uber App adds a new feature to support multiple stops in a single trip

Uber App has launched a new feature ahead of the festive season that supports multiple stops in a single trip. This new feature allows users to add up to three stops in a single trip and helps them pick up all their friends while they going to a Halloween party or any festive event. Previously the ride haling app allows users to request for a ride only from point A to point B and does not allow any stops in between. Therefore users will not have an option to pick up their friends on the way to a destination in a single journey.


But with this new “add-a-stop” feature, users can make up to 3 stops in the middle of their trip before reaching the final destination. In order to use this feature, you can just tap “Where to?” button and then click the plus sign “+” below it to add the addresses of all your stops before requesting your ride. There is also a notification stating that the mid-stops should be less than 3 minutes in order to ensure the driver is able to complete the whole trip on time. The longer the waiting time, the more the trip charges will be. Uber currently charges a per-minute waiting fee after the driver reach the pickup location which starts after a 2 minutes buffer.

multiple_stops Uber
multiple_stops Uber


Uber’s competitor, Lyft has introduced a similar multi-stop feature some time back which users to add extra stops before requesting for a ride. Uber App will also notify the users about the waiting time fee which will get applied for each pickup. If the waiting time goes beyond 3 minutes, then the fare will get automatically increased based on the actual wait time.  Uber also allows users to make changes to the stops in the middle of the route and the Driver will be notified automatically about the updated location.  You can also get updated directions whenever you change the stops in between the trip and driver gets notified instantly about the trip changes. .

 Uber App already supports the option to split your trip fare along with other riders. The Drivers will be able to view the complete route with all the intermediate stops once they pick up the rider. During each stop, the driver has to swipe the App to acknowledge that the rider has been picked up at the stop before receiving the directions for the next stop. This new multi-stop feature of Uber is currently live in both Android and iOS App sfor all the Uber users globally. The update was initially launched to international users follow by Canada and U.S.  Most of the new features introduced in Uber has been focused on adding more support to the drivers than riders. This includes added fees for longer than usual waiting time, late cancellations, in-app tipping options etc. 
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