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U.S. takes biggest Legal Action against Tech Company’s Dominance in a Decade – top trending news

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of technology…check it out.  


U.S. takes biggest Legal Action against Tech Company’s Dominance in a Decade 

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc., speaks during a Google product launch event in San Francisco, California, U.S.

Tech giant Google is all to set brace for its toughest legal challenge as the American government is gearing up for a significant anti-trust case against a tech giant in a decade. The U.S Justice Department has officially filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google following a year-long investigation. The lawsuit alleges that Google follows monopolistic practices to maintain its unfair dominance in search advertising business. However, Google has labeled DOJ’s lawsuit as deeply flawed. To know about Google’s detailed response click here.


 Researchers have discovered bots on Telegram that can create ‘fake nudes’ with unbelievable ease     

 In an interesting development that is pretty disturbing, researchers have accidentally bumped into a deepfake ecosystem on the messaging app Telegram. Now what is really deeply worrying about this ecosystem is that it can fake nude images of anyone with unbelievable ease. Users who have interacted with this bot claim that they have created scores of fake images of women with the help of their social media photos…..To know more click here  


One of America’s most hyped up startup – Quibi – may shutdown soon, sources claim

Touted as one of the breakthrough streaming medium for  today’s restless generation, Quibi is now facing existential crisis. This even after attracting whopping $2 Bn from investors. If sources are to be believed, Quibi’s founder Jeffrey Katzenberg desperately tried to sell its programming catalogues to many prominent media companies. But his efforts have so far failed to yield much results. Sources further claim that Katzenberg has even expressed his desire to completely shut down Quibi.


Why is Intel selling its SSD Business for $9 Bn – the answer is Samsung

Intel is all set to sell its SSD business to SK Hynix in deal that is worth whopping $9 Bn. The deal will mark Intel’s complete exit from the flash memory and storage business and this exit has been prompted by Samsung. Industry expert claim that Samsung has been dominating this particular business so ruthlessly that Intel has been left with no option but to make an exit. In other words, Intel has decided to leave the memory business to Samsung. More importantly, the latest move is chipmaker’s yet another move towards consolidation and focus on its core business of chip making.

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