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U.S. is probing OpenAI for possibly harming People’s Reputation

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


U.S. is probing OpenAI for possibly harming People’s Reputation

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC has dispatched a letter to ChatGPT maker OpenAI expressing concerns over how it is addressing the concern of fake information harming people’s reputation. FTC has reportedly asked OpenAI about what steps it has taken to address ChatGPT’s ability to generate statements about real individuals that are false, misleading, disparaging or harmful. FTC will also look into what practices OpenAI is adopting to collect data from internet in order to train its AI models. OpenAI’s co-founder and CEO said that it will and cooperate work with FTC to resolve the issue.


Google updates Bard with Multiple new features

Google on Thursday announced several new features for its chatbot Bard. It can now analysis image and provide accurate captions and also offer audio responses. Additionally, Bard can change the tone and style of its response to five different options including ‘simple’ ‘long’ ‘short’ ‘professional’ or ‘short.’ Additionally, Google’s AI chatbot will now be available over 40 languages including Arabic, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese. Google has apparently added all these new features to compete with Microsoft backed ChatGPT, which is currently leading the race in generative AI space.


Disney is cutting down on Marvel & Star Wars content

cancel disney plus

In bad news for Marvel & Star Wars fans, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that Disney would be spending less production money on Marvel and Star Wars franchise in the coming years. The Disney CEO added that the company would still be producing new content for these franchises but just not as much as it has been in recent years. He also said that Disney’s streaming platform Disney + will be producing fewer, but higher-quality, projects and the company will focus on other areas like video games and theme parks for propelling company’s growth.


Elon Musk files lawsuit against four individuals over data scrapping

Elon Musk’s microblogging platform Twitter has filed a lawsuit in Texas court against four unnamed individuals for unlawfully scrapping data. The lawsuit accuses that these four individuals used automated scripts to scrape Twitter’s data, including the content of tweets, the identities of users, and the relationships between users. This lawsuit is a reminder that Musk & Twitter are taking data security immensely seriously and won’t spare if anyone even remotely tries to steal data from the microblogging platform.



Meta Threads engagement drops off since its blockbuster debut last week

Meta’s Twitter alternative app Threads has seen a major drop in its engagement level since its red-hot debut last week. According to data from SensorTower and Similarweb, Daily active users on Threads dropped by more than 25% between its July 7 peak and Monday. Time spent on the app also declined by nearly 50%. After Threads’ official launch on July 5, the app garnered nearly 100 Mn users within just five days of its launch. However, the latest figures clearly hints that despite all the hype it won’t be easy for Meta’s Threads to carve a strong niche in the microblogging space and compete with Twitter.

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