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Twitter likely to fight against Elon Musk’s $43Bn Hostile Takeover

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. Bringing you the five biggest breaking news from the world of technology and tech business during the last 24 hours.  


Twitter likely to fight against Elon Musk’s $43Bn Hostile Takeover

Unless you’re living under a rock you must be now knowing that Elon Musk has launched a hostile takeover of Twitter for $43Bn. The world’s richest man has proposed to buy Twitter’s remaining stocks for $54.20 per share in cash. But sources claim that the microblogging company isn’t really too excited about Musk’s offer. In all likelihood it is likely to strongly resist any attempt of hostile takeover by Tesla’s CEO.  Sources claim that Twitter is currently making a contingent plan to defend its company. One of the tentative plans that Twitter is reportedly considering is to reject Musk’s offer by arguing that his $43Bn buyout proposal is too low. Experts also claim that if Twitter is serious about defending its company then Musk is unlikely to succeed in acquiring the company through hostile takeover. For all those who don’t know Musk is already Twitter’s largest stakeholder, owning almost 9.2% stake in the company.


Apple says Meta’s plan to take 47% cut in Metaverse content is act of ‘hypocrisy’

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Apple didn’t waste much time in taking potshot against Meta after it became official that Meta will be charging whopping 47% commission from digital asset sale on its metaverse platform. Apple’s communication incharge Fred Sainz while speaking to a leading media portal has described Meta’s 47% commission as an act of hypocrisy.  Well, Apple is quite justified in taking a swipe at Meta. After all, Meta, when it was better known as Facebook, had heavily criticized Apple for charging 30% commission from its developers. Back then, Mark Zuckerberg’s company labelled Apple’s 30% commission as ‘unfair.’ Facebook had even promised that whenever it rolls out any revenue sharing program in future, it will charge less than 30% commission from developers. Well, clearly Mark Zuckerberg’s company now completely seems to have forgotten about this promise.


WhatsApp wants to make group chat easier with its new feature ‘communities’

Meta owned WhatsApp on Thursday launched a new feature that can potentially bring revolutionary changes to its instant messaging platform. This new feature is called ‘communities’ that seeks to bring multiple groups under one roof and make group chat easier than ever before. This feature offers many other useful functions including the ability to send single message to multiple users and multiple groups. But there is one big problem. you won’t be able to use this feature immediately. Simply because this feature is still in beta testing stage and will probably take months before it is globally rolled out.


YouTube rolls out a new feature for its TikTok Clone ‘YouTube Short’

YouTube has rolled out a new exciting feature called ‘video remix’ for its short video platform YouTube Shorts. If you frequently use TikTok then you must be all too familiar with this feature. Actually video remix feature played a key role in propelling TikTok’s popularity and making it the most sought-after short video platform. Now only time will prove whether the ‘video remix’ feature will have similar positive impact on Youtube Short. As the name suggests, this feature allows you to mix different videos and create a brand new video out of it. Now it is important note that Youtube Short has lot of catching up to do as it even trails Instagram Reel in terms of popularity. Instagram Reel, as we all know, is Instagram’s very own version of TikTok.


Kotak Mahindra temporarily suspends crypto-trading with Indian crypto exchange CoinSwitch Kuber          


India’s leading private sector bank Kotak Mahindra, one of the few banks to warm up to crypto trading, has temporarily suspended crypto trading with crypto exchange CoinSwitch Kuber. As a result, CoinSwitch Kuber users are now unable to make INR deposits on the app via UPI, NEFT and RTGS. This development will come as a huge setback for Indian crypto companies especially because Kotak Mahindra was one of the few banks that was ready to do business with crypto companies. As such the Indian crypto industry is facing relentless regulatory crackdown. Reports claim that due to this regulatory crackdown, many leading crypto exchanges including Wazrix has seen a steep fall in their crypto trading volumes in recent months.

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