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Twitter Lays off Dozens of Employees including Senior Product Manager

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Twitter lays off Dozens of Employees including Senior Product Manager

Twitter laid off fresh set of employees on Saturday, triggering a second wave of mass layoff since Elon Musk took over the company last year. Although it is still not clear exactly how many employees have been laid off, sources privy to the matter have put the number to approximately 50 employees. Twitter has even reportedly sacked Product Manager Esther Crawford who was in charge of Twitter Blue, the microblogging platform’s paid subscription program. Many laid off employees said that they were informed about the news through an official e-mail while other claimed that they came to know only after they were unable to log in to the company’s internal system.


Nokia has got a new Logo

Nokia has got a new brand logo, replacing its iconic blue color logo for the first time in the company’s nearly 60 year- old corporate history. The new logo contains five different shapes forming the word NOKIA. The new logo establishes company’s association with the telecom equipment business while the old logo established the company as a consumer smartphone business. In its hey days, Nokia was the number one mobile company in the world before its dominance eclipsed due to the advent of touchscreen smartphones. Nokia failed to reclaim its past glory even after the tech giant Microsoft acquired its mobile phone business in 2014.


Elon Musk calls U.S. media Racist (here’s why)

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has accused the American media of being a racist after several US newspaper announced that they will prohibit publishing a popular comic strip whose founder termed ‘black people’ a hate group. Musk, who now also owns Twitter, tweeted on the microblogging platform that the U.S. media is practicing racism against Whites and Asians. Musk’s own electric vehicle company Tesla has been frequently accused of racism as the company has very few black people among its employees. Considering that today Musk owns a popular social media platform like Twitter his opinion on such politically sensitive issues clearly assumes great importance.


Meta responds to ChatGPT albeit in a cautious way

ChatGPT frenzy has caught every big tech company and Facebook & Instagram’s parent company Meta could not have stayed behind for too long. The Mark Zuckerberg led company has unveiled its own generative AI tool called LLaMA. Although LLaMA has same functionality like ChatGPT, it is slightly different in a sense that it will be a open source platform. This implies that Meta will be sharing LLaMA’s source code with the academic researchers. Meta claims that by making LLaMA’s source code available to the researchers it is trying to improve the robustness and mitigating known issues such as bias, toxicity and potential for generating misinformation.


This is how much Cred’s Kunal Shah earns

kunal Shah – Founder & CEO of Cred

Kunal Shah, who runs a unicorn fintech startup Cred, disclosed his monthly salary during a live interview on the social media platform Instagram. To everyone’s surprise, Shah claimed that he earned only Rs 15,000 monthly salary for running Cred. He justified his low salary by arguing that a CEO’s salary should be in accordance with the company’s financial metrics. Shah further added that he won’t increase his salary as a CRED’s CEO unless the company becomes profitable. Shah’s response became immediately viral but many people openly said that Shah may be lying about his salary. Such arguments were based on the fact that it is next to impossible for Shah to led such a flashy and expensive lifestyle with such low salary.

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