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Twitter is working on an in-house AI project

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Twitter is working on an in-house AI project

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Elon Musk has brought sweeping changes to Twitter ever since his takeover but his latest tentative project probably tops up everything. According to reports, Twitter is now getting ready to work on an internal AI project.  Source got hint about this project after Musk reportedly bought nearly 10,000 GPUs for use at one of the company’s two remaining data centers. This development has come to fore more than a month after Twitter hired couple of former DeepMind researchers. Both these recent developments, sources claim, clearly indicates that Twitter is gearing up for an ambitious AI project. Interestingly Musk was recently in news for singing an open letter that called for a six month pause on all AI experiments.


WhatsApp rolls out Merchant Payment Feature in Brazil

WhatsApp users in Brazil can now pay directly to businesses from their WhatsApp chat after Meta announced that it is introducing merchant payment feature in the South American nation. Until now, Brazilian users were able to make only peer-to-peer payment through WhatsApp. However, after securing regulatory permission, the instant messaging giant has finally been able to enter Brazil’s lucrative merchant payment market. But WhatsApp payment hasn’t been able to achieve much success in other markets, notably it has failed to dent India’s payment market despite having 400 Mn users across the country.


OpenAI to pay up to $20,000 for Reporting Bug  

chatgpt internal server error

OpenAI, the parent company behind chat sensation ChatGPT, on Tuesday announced Bug Bounty Program. Under this program, ChatGPT’s parent company will pay $200 per vulnerability to programmers and ethical hackers. However, the reward can go up to $20,000 if the vulnerability is very serious. The bug bounty program is a norm in most technology companies, encouraging programmers and ethical hackers to report bug in their software program. OpenAI has announced the bug bounty program days after Italy became the first country in the world to ban ChatGPT over privacy concern. The company also clarified that the main aim of this program is only to find the bugs and not look into biased and inaccurate facts.


Tim Cook to inaugurate India’s first Apple Store

Apple is all set to inaugurate India’s first Apple store in Mumbai on April 18th.  The special inauguration will be done by none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who will be visiting India for this purpose. This is Cook’s first visit in last sever years, his last visit was in 2016. Since then Apple’s sales have increased enormously in India and it also set up a manufacturing plant in India. Few months from now, Apple will also be opening its second retail store in India’s capital New Delhi. While India has many Apple exclusive stores but this will be the first store that will be completely maintained and operated by Apple.


Google Drops Vaccine requirement to enter its office

Image Credits: Flickr Trent Marinelli

Employees and people no longer need to be vaccinated against COVID to enter Google’s office buildings. In an official e-mail sent to employees, which was viewed by certain media houses, Google VP of global security Chris Rackow said “vaccine will no longer be required as a condition of entry to any of our building.” Ever since WHO declared COVID as a global emergency, all big tech companies including Google made Covid vaccination mandatory to enter its office premises. Google’s decision comes after the U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill to end the national emergency declared during the COVID pandemic.

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