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Twitter Could Open Source its Algorithm by Next Week


Twitter Could Open Source its Algorithm by next week

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A new tweet by Elon Musk strongly indicates that Twitter could possibly open source its algorithm by as early as next week. “Prepare to be disappointed at first when our algorithm is made open source next week but it will improve rapidly,” Musk said in a tweet on Tuesday while responding to a user. Musk has been the supporter of the idea of open sourcing Twitter’s algorithm even before he took over the microblogging platform, arguing that such a move will promote freedom of speech on Twitter. However, it is a different matter that Musk’s own track record of respecting freedom of speech is not something to be really proud of.


Microsoft increases Chat limits of Bing’s AI Tool

Few days back Microsoft had decided to put some limits on Bing’s all new AI chat tool. But turns out that the tech giant has now decided to reverse the cap limits. Microsoft has now announced that it will increase chats from 5 to 6 chat per session and expand total chat from 50 to 60 chats per day. Furthermore, the company said that pretty soon it will cap the daily chat limit to 100. Microsoft also clarified that it is addressing the serious concerns within its AI chat tool to ensure that its replies are balanced, precise and non-controversial. Bing’s AI tool is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI powered chatbot tool that has become a sensation owing to its precise and human like response.


You could soon now start Uploading Podcast on YouTube

There is some great news for podcasters who want to reach out to the wider audience. Streaming giant YouTube could provide a new feature that could soon allow podcasters to upload podcast. YouTube is currently beta testing this feature with limited set of users. Media reports also claim that if YouTube does add podcast feature then YouTube podcast will permanently replace Google Podcasts, which currently competes with Apple Podcasts. Podcast, as we all know is a digital audio content that can be downloaded on the internet, has witnessed massive in its popularity over the years.


McKinsey cuts 2,000 jobs in one of its Biggest Layoffs

Consulting giant McKinsey & Co is all set to lay off 2,000 employees, according to a Bloomberg report. Most of the layoffs are likely to take in the McKinsey’s support staff team.  Apparently, this will be the biggest layoff in McKinsey’s corporate history, in yet another sign that the global economy is heading towards long-recession. Barring few companies, almost all big American companies including Google, Meta and Amazon have opted for mass layoffs as part of cost cutting to deal with economic downturn.


Tencent in talks with Meta to sell Quest VR Headset

Image Credits: Flickr Kevin San

According to unconfirmed sources, China’s tech giant Tencent is holding discussion with Meta to distribute its virtual reality headset Quest VR in the Mainland China. As per the sources, the discussion between Meta and Tencent started last years and the discussion is still continuing. Tencent, which is the world’s largest video game publisher, has major ambition in the space of virtual reality. As for Meta is concerned, Quest VR holds key not only for attaining success in the virtual reality space but also the metaverse space.

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