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Twitter all set to sell Mobile Ad Unit company MoPub for $1 Bn – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology….


Twitter all set to sell Mobile Ad Unit company MoPub for $1 Bn

Jack Dorsey at an event
Image Credits: Flickr Jessica Lovely

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is all set to sell mobile ad company MoPub, a company that twitter had acquired in 2013 for $350 Mn. MoPub will be sold to AppLovin Corp in all cash deal. Twitter’s decision to offload MoPub has come after Apple has made it really difficult for digital advertisers to track users’ cookies on Apple devices (Click here).


Twitch gets hacked, Source code and Secrets leaked out

Image Credits: Flickr Trade Group Follow

Video gaming streaming platform Twitch has suffered a major data breach. The breach has already been labelled as one of the biggest high-profile hacking in recent years, since the hacker has ripped apart the entire website. The hacker, whose identity is still not known, apparently was aiming to disrupt internal tools and features than accessing the financial information of the users. information on creator payouts, code for mobile, desktop and console clients, SDKs are some of the information that have been compromised because of hacking. Notably, Twitch is a Amazon owned platform. (Click here)


 Facebook has deliberately slowed down the launch of new products

Facebook is intentionally withholding the launch of new products amid congressional hearings and barrage of negative press earned in recent weeks. The social media giant has been receiving flaks over its failure to curtail content that are supposedly harmful for teenagers and kids. In the aftermath of these relentless criticisms, Facebook has reportedly employed scores of employees to conduct a review of upcoming products to ascertain and ensure that their content isn’t harmful (Click here).   


Twitter is testing a prompt that warn you about conversations that can become potentially toxic

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

In its desperate bid to bring down the toxicity that Twitter is known for, the microblogging giant is reportedly testing prompts that will indicate that the they are infiltrating into contentious conversation that potentially get abusive and toxic. One of the prompts that Twitter will be using is a pop-up that will discourage users in sending hate messages. Twitter is currently testing these prompt signals on Android and IOS app (Click here).


AMD claims that Windows 11 slows games by nearly 15%

AMD_Threadripper_Chip mockup
Image Credit: Betanews

Chip maker AMD has claimed that the recently launched Windows 11 is slowing down certain gaming applications by nearly 15%. The chip manufacturer hasn’t named these games. It has further said that these issues can be fixed by an update that is likely to arrive by end of October (click here).

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