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Twitter all set for a showdown with the Indian Government

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Twitter all set for a showdown with the Indian Government

In an unprecedented move, popular microblogging Twitter is reportedly planning to take a legal action against the Indian government over the issue of censorship. According to media reports, Twitter is unhappy with the Indian government’s continuous request for content takedown. The Indian government is believed to be putting a lot of pressure on Twitter for taking down content that it believes is highly critical or controversial. Well, this is not the first time that the American social media company is locking horns with the Modi government. Last year, Twitter got involved in a spat with the Modi government when it permanently banned the account of popular Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.


Crypto industry braces for more bad times with 1% TDS rule

India’s Supreme Court on refuses to overturn RBI’s ban on cryptocurrencies.

The Indian crypto industry, which is already passing through tough times, will now have to brace for new tax rule. Starting from 1st July, every crypto investor will have to mandatorily pay 1% TDS on every transaction. Following the announcement of this new rule, trading volumes across top crypto exchanges like Wazrix and CoinDCX have been very badly hit. Notably, today Indian crypto companies already have to bear a heavy 30% tax, which was announced by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while presenting this year’s budget. Many experts argue that the Indian government is making possible efforts to finish off the Indian crypto industry.


TikTok rolls back on its e-commerce ambition in U.S. market

TikTok has decided to give up on its plan to launch an online shopping feature in the U.S. market. This after TikTok’s online shopping feature didn’t taste much success during its trail run in the U.K market. In fact, if media reports are to be believed, its trial run in the U.K market proved to be a major disaster. Despite offering major discounts and cashback offers, its sales in the U.K market remain absolutely flat. However, what’s really surprising, its online shopping feature enjoys great popularity in almost all Asian markets including its home market China. But unfortunately for TikTok, it has not been able to replicate the same success in other markets.


Vivo in Trouble? ED cracks down on the Chinese firm

Several Indian offices of Chinese smartphone manufacturer VIVO have been raided by the enforcement directorate officials. According to confirmed media reports, ED has raided nearly 44 Indian offices of VIVO in connection with a money laundering case. However, it is still not known whether ED officials have managed to unearth any concrete evidence against the Chinese company. By the way, VIVO is the second Chinese firm to be raided by the ED in recent months. Few months back ED had conducted a raid on the offices of Xiaomi and reportedly seized funds worth Rs 5,000 crore from its Indian offices.



Tesla cars can now automatically scan potholes on the road   

Your ride in Tesla cars is all set to become much smoother and more comfortable. This after Tesla announced that it is adding an automatic pothole detection feature to its Model S and Model X cars.  Thanks to this feature, the suspension of Tesla cars will now be automatically adjusted whenever it detects any potholes on the road. This will not only make the ride of passengers comfortable but also reduce any potential damage to the car. However, the announcement of the new feature doesn’t carry much significance for the Indian customers. That’s because Tesla is still not allowed to sell its cars in India.

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