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Twitch Bans terms related to sex and drugs from user name Profile – Top Tech News

Here are the Top Trending news from the world of technology


Twitch Bans sex and drugs from user names

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E-commerce video streaming platform Twitch has updated its policy. Among many things, this updated policy will ban usernames that will remote or explicit reference to sex and hard drugs. The amazon owned platform has said in its statement that usernames should be held to a universal and higher standards. The updated and new policy will take effect from 1st March. As per reports, Twitch will still allow terms like ‘Cannabis’ and ‘alcohol’ in the user name (Read more)


Zoom rolls out update on MacOS that automatically disables microphone

Popular video conferencing platform Zoom released an important update earlier this week for MacOS app. Following this update, Zoom will automatically disable the microphone as soon as the call gets ended. Since last December, there were flurry of complaints that a bug in Zoom was preventing microphone to get disable after the call got ended. This persistent problem led to huge hue and cry over privacy concerns (Read more)


Twitter faces Brief Outage

A user browsing Twitter on Smartphone…image source: Pixabay

Microblogging platform Twitter witnessed a brief outage on Friday. The outage was confirmed by the Downdetector website, which is known for monitoring outage problems across the internet world. Downdetector reported that nearly 15,000 users across the world reported the outage problem on Friday. Even Twitter confirmed the outage problem on its Twitter handle, claiming that a technical bug was preventing timelines from loading and Tweets from posting (Read more) 



Playboy plans to build a Mansion in Metaverse

Popular adult magazine Playboy has already lapped up the NFT hype, after it launched the ‘Rabbitars NFT’ project in October last year. Now Playboy is planning to build a sprawling and its trademark mansion in the Metaverse. This plan is still in the initial stage as the company is yet to make a real concrete plan on this front. It must be noted that Playboy has already thrown several parties in the Decentraland, one of the most popular virtual worlds (Read more)


TikTok issues special guidelines ahead of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day barely 24 hours away, TikTok has issued special guidelines to save its users from what it terms Romance Scam. Romance Scam refers to fraudsters targeting Vulnerable singles, mostly through social and dating apps. TikTok has basically shared a list of dos and don’ts that users on its platform need to follow to prevent themselves from such fraudster (Read more)

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