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Hackers Cause Limited Attack on Microsoft Devices – Top Trending Stories

Here are top 5 trending and hapenning stories from the world of technology.  


Microsoft reveals new Vulnerabilities in Windows… but don’t panic

On Monday Microsoft brought to the fore a new remote code execution vulnerability. A report published in The Verge claims that if hackers were to exploit this vulnerability then millions of devices will become vulnerable to deadly malware attack. In fact, Microsoft has reportedly confirmed about limited number of devices has already been attacked.  But worry not, Microsoft is expectedly planning to bring a customary security update that should potentially resolve this crisis. Let us all keep our finger crossed for this one.


HP is launching a new VR headset in partnership with Microsoft

Staying with Microsoft, the company has once again joined hands with Hewlett Packard (HP) to launch a new virtual reality handset in the market.  HP has already started running a teaser of this upcoming product on its official website, describing it as “a more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience” than its earlier VR headset ‘Reverb.’  By the way, Reverb too was the result of joint venture initiative between HP and Microsoft.


SoftBank funded New York headquartered real estate firm lays off 15% staff

New York headquarted Compass, one of the most funded real estate brokerage startups, has handed pink slips to nearly 15% of its staff. The fall out is the result of the stock market crash in the aftermath of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Compass’ CEO Robert Reffkin has written to the employees that company’s financials have been adversely affected due to the recent rout in the financial markets. Beleaguered Japanese tech investor, SoftBank, is one of the leading investors in the company.


Apple App Store to Expand to 20 new countries

There are still countries across the globe where Apple app store is still not available and this includes mostly poor countries. But now these countries won’t have to wait too long to access Apple App store. According to reports, Apple is now expanding its app store to 20 new countries including Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Cameroon and Serbia.  The rollout of the app store is expected to start after April 10.


Amazon will Facilitate Seattle people to receive at-home COVID-19 testing         

In collaboration with Bill Gates backed coronavirus fund, Amazon will help Seattle residents with at-home COVID 19 testing, according to CNBC report. The e commerce giant will carry out these test deliveries and pickup through its Amazon Care Arm.

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