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Top PDF Readers To Use For Windows And Mac

A PDF reader is an important application to have in everyone’s computer. PDF documents are widely used and it’s the most suitable format used to save documents. Most documents are saved and uploaded in a downloadable safe format which is usually the PDF.


Yep PDF reader

This software is widely used by Mac adherents. It is a great option for Mac users as it offers not only viewing capabilities but also the ability to scan documents and save them as PDF. This user-friendly software is easy to download and install by getting the yep! download by doing a simple search on your device. With this magic software, you have a possibility to tag documents and it will also automatically date your documents. This will make it easier to find your receipts, invoices, and any other documents you have.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This software is quite popular and compatible with both Mac and Windows. If you’re using Linux, you are not left out as well. It is also available on Android, Windows phone, and iOS mobile devices.  This makes it very fluid and flexible to different users.

Even with all its benefits, there’s a downside to it which is mostly the price you have to pay to get the software and its file size. It occupies a large space specifically on a mobile device and it’s pretty expensive to buy. It has a 30-day trial which you can install to give it a shot.

Expert PDF Reader

This software is widely-known as a free PDF reader for Windows. It is easy to bookmark pages using this software, making it easy to find pages you would like to revisit. It also has advanced options which allow you to sign in and add text to the PDF document.


This is extremely light and free for both Windows and Android devices. The interface is easy to use and it automatically prompts you to choose a PDF file. It allows a full view that is dedicated on showing the PDF document. Other options can be found on the program icon which will show number options to select from.


Skim is one more PDF viewer available for Mac. It allows you to not only read but also to take notes down. It is specially designed for viewing and annotating scientific papers but it’s not limited to other PDF files. It is mostly suitable for students as it allows you to easily edit and note as it has less restriction due to it having two sides.

All in all, a good software should not only allow viewing but it should also allow you editing the PDF document directly and also convert it to other file formats. Other than those, it should be compatible with different operating systems so that you’re not limited to a single digital device.


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