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Top 5 Ad-blocker Tools for an Ad-free Web Environment

Unwanted and annoying ads are a disturbance for everyone, and there is no change whether it is on TV, the internet, or other forms of media. Considering the ad-monetization business strategy of most of the websites, people cannot expect a slump in the web ads. Most of the ads are disturbing and distracting in nature, and it significantly affects the productivity of the employees who depend on the internet for their work. This is where ad-blocker tools come into the picture as it ensures blocking of unwanted ads to create a hassle-free work environment.

Ad-blockers are mostly available as browser extensions, applications, and software. While some of them are simple tools with minimal features, other are complex tools with advanced options. Users should choose their product according to their requirements. A detailed analysis of some of the most popular ad-blocker tools would help the users to understand its nature of work. It would also help them to compare the products and choose theirs as per the needs.

  1. Adblock Plus

Features: Block the annoying ads, domains spreading malware, disable tracking

Supporting Devices: PCs, Mac, Android

Available as: Browser extension

Pricing: Free

The ad-blocker works with most of the browsers including Android, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, and Opera. It works as a browser extension and filters all the unwanted elements. Interestingly, it has a super cool installation procedure, and users can make it ready within few seconds. Also, it offers a number of features including blocking unwanted ads, allowing acceptable ones, and disabling malware domains, tracking, and social media buttons.

Importantly, the extension is not coming with any preset filter list, and the users have to input the filters list for them. In default, it comes with two lists that are an ad blocking list based on user’s language and acceptable ads list. Interestingly, people can add or remove some entries to the list and makes it developed or trimmed.

  1. uBlock

Features: Blocking annoying ads, disable tracking, blocking malware domains

Supporting Devices: PCs, Mac, Android, iOS

Available as: Browser extension

Pricing: Free

An open source ad-blocker extension that works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It works as a content filter in the web browser and comes with a number of filter list that users find of great use. The prominent lists include malware domain list, EasyPrivacy list, advanced tracking list, AdServer list, and more. Additionally, uBlock comes with a lighter CPU and negligible memory, and that makes it more efficient and not slowing down the browser.

Interestingly, the filters related a particular website only loads when a user accesses it. This avoids the loading of all the website filters, and thus, it showcases optimal site performance. Apart from the default list, people can add their own list of filters to the blocker. Also, there is an option to access lists created by various internet communities to use those. Installing process of the extension is very simple and lasts within few seconds.

  1. 1Blocker

Features: Blocking annoying ads, disable tracking, blocking social media widgets

Supporting Devices: Mac, iOS

Available as: Application, content blocking extension

Pricing: Free for iOS – with an unlimited blocker version for $4.99, for Mac version $9.99

A tool for Apple environment and perfectly works with Safari browser. It has options to block trackers, ads, blocking anti-adblock, social media widgets, and more. The tool comes with more than 40,000 blocker rules and syncs with iCloud. It offers protection for users from malware ads, improves productivity, and reduces the usage of battery and data. 1Blocker also has an amazing user-friendly UI that helps people to choose the options they want.

The application has a whitelist feature as well that helps users to give non-restrictive access to some sites of their choice. 1Blocker does not work with other platforms due to it uses Apple’s API, and that only works with Safari and third-party iOS apps such as Tweetbot.

  1. AdBlock

Features: Blocking annoying ads, disable tracking

Supporting Devices: PCs, Mac, iOS, Android

Available as: Browser extension, application (iOS)

Pricing: Though it claims free, AdBlock asks for voluntary contributions


The AdBlock tool for blocking annoying ads and disable tracking works on Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. Apart from blocking various ads, it also blocks YouTube video ads and allows only video contents. The installation procedure of the extension is simple and completes in few seconds. The extension is highly customizable, and the users can access the quick menu to turn off the feature for a number of sites they need complete access.

Since it is a browser extension, it does not collect the personal details of the user and would not collect the browsing history. Users have multiple filter lists including options to create custom ones. Also, it provides blocked ads list and reports particular pages to ensure detailed analysis to the users.

  1. Adguard

Features: Blocking annoying ads, disable tracking, ad filtering in applications, blocking malicious sites

Supporting Devices: PCs, Mac, iOS, Android

Available as: Browser extension, application

Pricing: Multiple plans depending on the device and number of users; the Android basic plan charges $9.95 per year.

Adguard is a comprehensive tool that offers browsing security, ad blocks, and privacy security. The ad filtering mechanism of the tool works using page code filtering, request blocking, and CSS injection and JavaScript. The application has an excellent UI and options such as parental control and anti-malware options. The extension works with all the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Yandex, and Microsoft Edge.

Importantly, the tool blocks ads even in applications that include Skype and other web and mobile applications. It also removes the social media widgets and blocks video ads including YouTube ads. Additionally, the application has an easy installation procedure and ensures a smooth performance by blocking all the annoyance.


It is highly advisable to choose some ad-blocker tools by all the internet users. People should note that many of the ads are malware carriers and protecting the devices mean protecting themselves. Remember that most people access their financial services through smartphones and PCs. Extra care may save the hard-earned money of the users. Additionally, everyone should note that there are many malware disguising as ad-blockers. Therefore, people should not use products of non-trusted servicers or from unauthorized links.

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