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To Take on Apple Watch, Google and Samsung join hands – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology



To take on Apple Watch, Google and Samsung join hands

In a development that hasn’t really surprised anyone, Google and SamSung have decided to merge their smartwatch OS. This technically means that Google’s Wear OS and SamSung’s Tizen OS will now operate as a single OS under the new brand name ‘Wear.’ The coming together of Google and SamSung will apparently surmount a new challenge to Apple Watch, which is the undisputed market leader in the smartwatch market. The development also signal’s Google’s aggressive mode in the smartwatch arena, after having finalized Fitbit deal last year. That said, Google seems to be struggling in replicating its smartphone OS success in he smartwatch OS category.


Facebook app hit by pro-Palestine activists, app’s ratings crash down

Image Source: Flickr

Facebook app’s ratings have come crashing down on Apple’s IOS store and Google Play Store. The app’s ratings have taken a massive hit on the behest of pro-Palestine activists. The sympathizers of the Palestine cause are reportedly miffed over social media giant censoring pro-Palestine posts. Apparently, scores of pro-Palestine activists vented their frustration by leaving bad reviews for Facebook app on play store and IOS store. According to reports, Facebook app’s one star rating are outpacing 3 and 4 star rating by a huge margin.


Snapchat takes a bet on Augmented Reality, acquires AR startup WaveOptics for $500 Mn

Barely a day after announcing its first augmented reality product, SnapChat has announced that it has acquired augmented reality startup WaveOptics for $500 Mn. This acquisition is a cash and stock deal, as per the reports in the media. SnapChat has now joined the scores of big tech giants like Facebook and Apple that are making massive investment in the AR space, with the anticipation that in future the AR industry in the future will become a highly lucrative industry.

4) is the Fourth Chinese company to receive Permission to test driverless vehicles in U.S

After Baidu, AutoX and WeRide, Chinese robotaxi startup has now latest company to hit the American streets. The Chinese company has received permission to test its driverless cars in three cities in California state.


Following Bill Gates Scandal,  Microsoft CEO makes first Comment on Workplace Abuse

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a television interview that executives should not abuse their powers in the workplace. He also added that that the company has put in place  a strict policy to restrict improper behavior among executives. This is Nadella’s first comment on ‘workplace abuse’ after it was disclosed last week that Bill Gates tried to start a romantic relationship with a female employee and was asked to resign from Microsoft’s board for this very same reason. Bill Gate’s personal has come under intense media scrutiny following the announcement of his divorce.

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