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TikTok’s Chief Security officer quits amid Privacy Concerns

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we’ll every tech enthusiast should keep a tab.  


TikTok’s Chief Security officer quits amid Privacy Concerns

TikTok’s global chief security officer Roland Cloutier, who supervised TikTok’s cybersecurity, has stepped down from the post. However, Cloutier still hasn’t resigned from the company and will continue working with the company. The Chinese company still hasn’t announced his replacement. The resignation of chief security officer has come at a time when TikTok is again facing questions over data security in the U.S. According to Buzzfeed, TikTok had given the access of US consumer data to some of its Chinese employees, spooking the security concerns in the U.S. However, the video sharing company has denied these allegations and claimed that its U.S data is 100% secured.


Snap launches Snapchat’s web version

Snapchat, the popular video messaging app, is all set to make a debut on your computer and laptops. This is because Snap – the parent company of Snapchat app – announced on Monday that it is launching Snapchat’s web and desktop version. This means that now Snapchat users can send and make video calls to their contacts right from their desktops and computers. Until now Snapchat was accessible only through its mobile app. However, Indian users may not be able to use the web version. The web version is currently available only in limited countries including Australia, New Zealand, U.S, U.K and Canada. As of today, Snapchat users have nearly 332 daily active users worldwide.


Flight booking platform ClearTrip gets hacked   

Photo of a hacker trying to hack a website

Flipkart owned travel booking platform ClearTrip announced on Monday that its internal system was breached by the hackers. However, the Flipkart owned company said that only the user’s personal information has been compromised while all other sensitive information including the user’s financial details are 100% safe. However, an insider’s job in this hacking scandal cannot be ruled out.   ClearTrip has so far not disclosed any information about the suspected hackers and the exact nature of the hacking. According to the media reports, hackers have already put ClearTrip’s data on sale on the dark web. This is also the first time that a Flipkart owned company’s internal system has got hacked.


Netflix starts testing password sharing feature in Latin America

Streaming giant Netflix has finally started testing password sharing feature in several South American countries like Argentina, El Salvador and Guatemala. The customers who have been selected for beta testing will have to pay extra money if they use a Netflix account outside their primary residence for more than two weeks. however, mind you, this rule does not apply to customers who use Netflix exclusively on their mobile phones and laptops. Netflix has largely blamed the password sharing problem for sluggish growth in subscriber numbers in recent years. To increase its subscribers, the streaming giant will also soon launch its first ever ad supported plan.


Microsoft sacks 1% of its Workforce   

Satya Nadella
Image Credits: Flickr Startupik Team

Microsoft has announced that it is laying off nearly 1% of its workforce as part of its business realignment strategy. With this announcement, Microsoft has become the first big tech giant to announce layoffs. However, most of these sacking is likely to happen in the U.S. market. Microsoft has now become the first big tech giant to lay off employees. By the way, the imminent risk of layoffs is looming large across all the big companies. Google, Apple and Meta have already announced that they will slow down hiring in 2022. In fact, Meta is already believed to have prepared the groundwork for laying off employees in the coming weeks.

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