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TikTok calls on American People as Congress Ban looms

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TikTok calls on American People as Congress Ban looms

TikTok is absolutely leaving no stone unturned as support grows stronger in the US Congress to pass a bill calling for a complete ban on the popular Chinese app. It sent push notifications urging American users to contact their representatives to oppose this bill. This bill basically aims to disconnect TikTok’s US operations from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. However, if the separation does not take place within a set timeframe, then the Chinese app will be completely banned from the US app stores. In its defense, TikTok has claimed that the ban would “damage millions of businesses, destroy the livelihoods of countless creators, and deny artists an audience.


You can now write long articles on ‘X’ (But there’s a catch)

X has just added an exciting feature called “Articles” that allows for long-form content creation. Compared to the usual character limit for posts, X Articles lets you write much longer pieces, reaching up to around 15,000 words. Users will also get a built-in editor that will allow users to write and format their articles directly within X, with options for including images and basic text formatting tools. This completely eliminates the need for an external platform. However, as of now, only Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations can create X Articles. This means that as of today free users cannot use this feature.


Why is Spotify mad at the French government

Music streaming giant Spotify has announced in an open letter to its French subscribers that it has no choice but to increase its subscription prices in France. This is in response to a new tax that applies on music streaming generating over 20 million euros in annual revenue with in France. Thanks to the new law that was passed last year, both Spotify and Apple Music’s revenue will get impacted. Spotify hasn’t given any clarity by how much will it increase the subscription price. But it has made amply clear that “French users will now pay the highest subscriptions across the European Union.” The company has also blasted the tax in an open letter, calling it unfair and arguing it hurts consumers.


You can now enjoy Adobe’s powerful Firefly AI on the go

Adobe’s powerful Firefly AI are all set to arrive to iPhones and Android devices. This is all thanks to its new beta version of the Adobe Express app. Firefly let users create and edit image content with the power of artificial intelligence. From allowing you to generate new images with simple text prompts, intelligently fill in empty spaces in your photos to adding or removing objects from your photos. The new app also includes video editing tools designed specifically for mobile use, with features like pre-designed templates, easy merging of media elements, and on-the-go caption generation. Over all, this will make Adobe Firefly AI more accessible to a wider range of users.


Microsoft has good news for Speech Disability People

Microsoft is all set to launch a neural voice tool for people with speech disabilities later in 2024. The company announced this 14th Ability summit, which kicked off on Thursday. This tool will be called ‘Speak for Me,’ utilizes neural technology to create customized artificial voices for people with speech disabilities like ALS. It will also allow to make personalized voices, allowing users to choose a voice that reflects their personality or preferences. For individuals who have lost their natural speaking ability, Speak for Me offers a chance to regain their voice and communicate more easily. Over all, this is a great initiative by Microsoft.

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