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Threads, Instagram’s Twitter alternative, to debut on July 6th

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Threads, Instagram’s Twitter alternative, to debut on July 6th

Barely 24 hours from now Threads, Instagram’s Twitter like app, will make its official debut. The app is already showing up in Apple’s app store listing. The app is currently only available on IOS but an Android version is expected pretty soon. Instagram’s Threads will come with many unique features like disappearing messages, live stories and caters to smaller yet intimate audience. Threads is being launched at a time when Twitter is facing uncertain times under its new owner Elon Musk. As for Meta, Threads success might help the company in compensating for Facebook’s sluggish growth in increasing its active users.


Google to use public data to train its AI models     


Search giant Google has updated its privacy policy to allow the company to collect and analyse public data to train its AI model. The public data that will be scrapped by Google will mostly include text, code, and images. The company has specifically assured that it won’t collect any personal information and won’t use this data for targeted ads. This move may certainly help Google in keeping pace with competitors in the AI race, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Meanwhile, many privacy experts have expressed concerns that Google could still use this data to track users’ online activity.


OpenAI temporarily disables ‘browse feature’ on ChatGPT app

To address the data leak concerns, OpenAI has decided to disable the browse feature on its ChatGPT app within two weeks of its release. OpenAI found that if users asked for any website URL’s full text, the feature inadvertently fulfil the request and provided full URL text, which could potentially lead to copyright infringement. OpenAI has not yet said when the “Browse” feature will be re-enabled. The temporary disabling of ChatGPT’s “Browse” feature is yet another reminder of ‘privacy related challenges’ brought forth by the AI technology. The browse feature was officially launched on June 23, 2023, allowing ChatGPT users to search the internet to find answers to their questions.


Twitter wants users to pay for TweetDeck

In what appears to be yet another unprecedented move by Elon Musk, Twitter has decided to put TweetDeck behind a paywall. This means from August 1st 2023, free users won’t be able to access TweetDeck. Simultaneously, Twitter has also released a new version of TweetDeck which includes a number of new features, such as the ability to create custom timelines and the ability to schedule tweets. The move to make TweetDeck a paid service has been met with mixed reactions with many calling it yet another unfair move by Elon Musk.

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