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The top 5 reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM for Business

For both new and old businesses alike, growing and expanding your business is anything but easy. Sure, boosting sales is only one part of it, but there is also the fact that there needs to be a systematic way of gathering leads so that sales conversion can happen more easily than usual. That is one of the most primary ways in which a business can become successful in every way, along with the added factor of loyal customers as well. With regard to crm in salesforce, everything that is needed to make things faster and easier for business sales has been provided to you in every possible way. That is for sure.

Now, one even has the option of an on-premise versus cloud-based CRM to choose from. A few years back, this would have been unthinkable. But now thanks to technological advancements, this has become a reality far sooner than before. With the ultimate aim of Salesforce being the main platform for all the important business apps.

Here are the top five reasons why it is the best CRM software out there and will remain so for many years to come:-

1. The twin aspects of vision and execution:

Not only does Salesforce have a high capacity to execute, but there is also the fact that it has a long term vision that is complete in every way possible. This automatically means that it occupies the highest position in the CRM Software market and the ability to execute this vision, in particular, has helped Salesforce reach the very top.

2. Sustained growth:

Now, this is where Salesforce is unparalleled. Both CRM Software and Salesforce are absolutely inseparable with Salesforce contributing to over 16% of the CRM Software market share. This is no mean feat, indeed, making that market a billion-dollar space. To grow its revenue exponentially, Salesforce is focusing on the Support and Subscriptions aspect in particular.

3. Having a smart acquisition policy:

This is mainly to increase enhanced capabilities across the board. Because they had a long-term vision of what to do and how to go about things, many strategic acquisitions were made from the year 2006 onwards, which have led to an increased level of efficiency and revenue. Furthermore, this has also helped in the construction of the Marketing Cloud which is so popular nowadays.

4. The birth of Salesforce1:

Already a large majority of Internet users have a preference for mobile customer service applications that have the availability of so many different devices and applications on a singular platform. The launch of Salesforce1 in 2013 was to combat and stay tuned with the increasing demand for more CRM applications.

With Salesforce1, you will find it a lot easier to connect third-party applications and services such as Evernote and Dropbox. When it comes down to leveraging the growth of the CRM Software by meeting the increased level of demand, Salesforce1 has certainly succeeded in nearly all aspects.

5. Many diversified options:

With Salesforce having the best on-demand software out there, one can be sure that the cost for customers is reduced. Since there is a provision of a networking, hardware and software platform. Some of the various aspects that it has to offer are Sales Cloud and Salesforce Chatter, amongst others.

With key developer tools like TheAppExchange, you can be sure that you can customize many of your applications with ease. With wide product portfolios to offer, the future is being invented as we speak.

One of the primary complaints about Salesforce is the fact that its cost is a bit steep compared to other related CRM options. Sure, that is certainly the case, but one also needs to realize that it is a question of offering the highest quality services as well. It is due to this reason alone that Salesforce has one of the most user-friendly and smooth-functioning interfaces when compared to any other CRM software such as SugarCRM, Siebel and the like.

Additionally, the future of Salesforce looks bright with the service all set to provide a wide and extensive array of cloud services and applications alike that have been tailor-made to cater to the thirsty demand for cloud computing by most services out there. It is for this reason alone that one can foresee the exponential growth of Salesforce in the years to come. The future does look bright. But most importantly, it is up to the marketers how they use it to their ultimate benefit.

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