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The success story of Ryan Ross – 8-year-old millionaire from Canada

Getting rich is more real than it sounds

Proof of this is an example of Ryan Ross – a boy who started his business being only three years old. In this article, we will explain how this boy has earned a million dollars by the age of eight.

Earning million dollars – aren’t many people dreaming of it? Why this number? An ordinary person who is not interested in finances can answer you (since he or she does not have a personal financial plan) – this figure is merely attracting because of its completeness and seems quite achievable under certain conditions. However, no matter how attractive it is, only a few people really manage to achieve this lucrative goal, as people usually create excuses and insurmountable obstacles, and do this themselves.

Who is Ryan Ross and what is his business?

He is the usual Canadian boy with excellent wit. At the age of three, this boy occupied the backyard of the parental home to build a chicken farm. Initially, he had 60 chickens, which eggs he started selling at a price of $3 for a dozen – this way he earned about $15 a day. Not everyone in his neighborhood had their own household, so people started buying these eco products. And over time, the amount of $20 has been increased several times.

Soon the chicken business made him tired, and the young Ryan Ross started a new project. When he fully realized that a small but stable business was established, he decided to move on. This boy was interested in lawn mowing, and he estimated the value of his work at $20-25 per hour. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a child with a large and heavy machine, which even not every adult can handle. That is why he paid his senior comrades to work for him, giving them $15 an hour. Thus, his salary was no more than $5 per hour.

Later, Ross realized: people need not only to mow but also water the lawns. The boy found several more people who were watering – they divided the profit of 50 to 50. Ryan estimated the lawn watering at $200, so his salary was $100 (and again he did almost nothing).

The mother of the little boy Savannah Ross told reporters about all this in detail. Moreover, she convinced everyone that he set his business on his own, and no one had ever asked him to work. She also said that he clearly understood the process of managing employees and was able to find an approach to all customers, which is a fantastic skill for a child.

What is the secret of the millions earned by Ryan?

It is difficult to believe that the boy became a millionaire so easy. How is it even possible for a three-year-old child to organize the work process, direct it and not be mistaken? Did he do everything himself? This question is haunted by people from all over the world who have learned about this from various media sources or read on

Did parents help Ryan to make money?

Parents of millionaire claim that they helped their son only with support and care, but there were no tips about doing business. Today, the boy says that he was just interested in doing something on his own. He enjoyed his first job: starting with collecting eggs and ending with the sales.

Ryan thought it was a fantastic adventure and an inspirational game. Already after, plunging into the business with his head, he went into the thick jungle of business, wanting to know what would come of his venture. As for the financial side of the issue, Ross’ parents (except for the birds that the family had) made no investments in their son’s business.

Where did Ryan invest the earned millions?

When Ryan Ross’ fortune began to grow, it was time to think about significant investments. Given that the boy had not yet reached the age of majority, he could not enter into any financial transactions — his parents did it for him. Ryan consulted with his parents and decided that it was safest to acquire real estate that would always be in value. Today, Ross, Jr. owns six buildings located in Ontario in British Columbia. Ryan also holds a hockey court and a basketball one, which he manages at his discretion: sometimes he leases and sometimes plays himself. Also, the boy cannot yet go to college or university, so he engaged in self-education, for which he bought about 4,000 books, but he still does not have a mobile phone (parents forbade).

According to Savannah Ross, at school, none of the guys believed that Ryan Ross could become a businessman and the owner of his own companies – everyone (even teachers) thought that he was just boasting. But nevertheless, today the personal status of this boy is estimated at $900,000. However, Ryan Ross is not going to stop; he plans to buy two hockey teams. He believes this way he can play in the league. At the moment, he and his parents are negotiating with owners, but they find this story quite amusing.

Reasonable investment – million in revenue

Despite his income, the child goes to a regular school, has friends and is engaged in self-development. Ross spends all his free time on those 4,000 books that he bought for this matter. Ryan says that everyone can succeed in business, and the main thing is to invest income correctly.

In one of the last interviews, the boy said that his mother once gave him very correct advice: from all the money earned, 80% should be invested in the development of the business, 10% should be given to charity, and only 10% should be spent on yourself. “It really works, ” says the young businessman. Millions for Ryan is an indicator of his desire to move forward, and not the goal of being richer or better than others.

In his activities, a small millionaire, maybe unconsciously used the basic rules of investments and did not create artificial barriers for himself, but just did business and achieved a particular result. Everything he does is unusual for him and gives him real pleasure. This success story is one of the most important for modern society, as it shows that everyone can become rich, even if you are only eight years old.

And finally, a few business ideas for everyone from a little rich man:

  1. Invest time and energy in your children, support their initiatives. Parents for the child – are the primary support and motivation. When children grow up, they already become a mainstay for their moms and dads.
  2. Never spend all the money on yourself, but be sure to set aside and invest part of it.
  3. Do your favorite thing, do not spare money, time and effort on it.

Develop, go forward, learn something new.

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