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The Apple Car project gets crashed, it is almost dead now  

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.   


The Apple Car project gets crashed, it is almost dead now  

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Apple’s dream to make a self-driving car is officially dead now. According to Bloomberg, Apple has permanently cancelled its self-driving car project, which was codenamed as Project Titan. This news comes after years of development, delays, spending billions of dollars and leadership changes. The company is now reportedly planning to shift the employees working on Project Titan to generative AI projects. Apple had never spoken about the ‘Project Titan’ publicly and it always remained a highly secretive project. The secretive project also witnessed many rumours around it, including the fact that Apple had approached Elon Musk to acquire Tesla. Had Project Titan succeeded then it could have potentially redefined the EV car industry.


Sony is cutting 900 jobs at PlayStation

In yet another bad news for the gaming industry, Sony on Tuesday announced that it is laying off 900 employees form its PlayStation division. The layoff will impact some of PlayStation’s important franchises including Insomniac, which created superhit games like Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank. Additionally, Sony also announced that it will be entirely shutting down its London Studio, which worked on a co-op multiplayer game for PlayStation 5. The gaming industry has seen mass layoff in recent weeks including Microsoft’s recent decision to layoff nearly 1,900 employees from Xbox and Activision Blizzard.


Lenovo’s latest laptop has become talk of the town   

Lenovo on Monday unveiled its new concept laptop called ‘Project Crystal’ at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The most unique thing about Project Crystal laptop is that it comes with a 100% transparent display screen, which means that you can even see what is behind the screen. Due to this uniqueness, the videos of this laptop have gone viral on social media platforms.   However, ‘Project Crystal’ is a concept laptop and hence it is unlikely that Lenovo will ever mass produce this laptop for the retail market or end consumers. Nonetheless, this concept laptop does demonstrate the stunning potential of transparent microLED displays in laptops.


Google is paying Big Bucks to Publishers to use its AI tools

In an interesting news, Google is reportedly paying thousands of dollars to various publishers for using its AI tools. This initiative is actually a part of Google News Initiative or GNI, where it trains publishing companies on how to use its fact checking tools and other important AI tools for publishing stories and articles. The tech giant is currently focusing only on small publishing companies under this initiative. However, it is still not clear how much exactly Google is paying to the publishers but media reports claims that it might five figure sum per year. Through such Initiative programs, Google is probably expecting to increase user base of its AI tools and controlling the possibilities of fake news and biasness emerging due to its AI tool.


Nvidia CEO predicts Human Coders will soon go extinct  

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has made a big statement about AI’s potential to transform coding. Speaking at the Word Government Summit in Dubai, Huang said that due the recent advancement made by AI, human coders might find tough to hunt jobs in the future. He even went to say that kids need not spend time and energy in learning coding as they may not be able to find jobs in coding. However, tech experts including AI experts claim that such predictions predicting the death of coders as exaggeration. They argue that AI isn’t perfect and human programmers will still be needed to ensure the accuracy, security, and ethics of AI-generated code. Most claim that it’s unlikely that AI will completely eliminate the need for human programmers.

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