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Tesla’s market valuation increases by $84Bn a day after Stock Spilt Signal

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Tesla’s market valuation increases by $84Bn a day after Stock Spilt Signal

Image source: Pixabay

Tesla added another $84Bn to its stock market value on Monday, a day after Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla will be soon seeking shareholder approval for a stock-spilt. The electric car manufacturer has said in its filing that it will seek approval from its shareholders at the upcoming annual meeting to opt for a stock-spilt. Meanwhile, the stock-spilt decision had a positive impact on Tesla’s stock as the stock surged by nearly 8% on Monday and ended at $1091.84


TikTok is testing ‘Watch History’ – making it easier to watch ‘past videos’

TikTok has finally made its mind to spare its users from the anguish of searching for previously viewed videos or past videos. According to TechCrunch, the short video platform is testing ‘Watch History’ feature though this testing is still reportedly in the initial stage. Famous social media expert Matt Navara, who is known for unraveling social media features beforehand, also tweeted about ‘TikTok Watch History’ on his Twitter handle. Even today searching ‘past and lost videos’ on TikTok has always been a hassled experience (Read more)


Youtube is testing emoji reaction

If Youtube has its way then you’ll soon be able to react to Youtube video with an emoji. According to reports, Youtube is currently testing time bond emoji reactions for small group  of users in select markets. Youtube viewers can express themselves with emojis as and when any specific moment in the video touches them emotionally – either positively or negatively. Although Google keeps testing new features for its streaming platform, not all testing features become a permanent part of Youtube (Read more)


This AI headset helps Astronaut to prep for long term space travel

How does space travel really effect the human brain? The answer to this question is likely to be revealed pretty soon when astronauts traveling in a SpaceX shuttle next week to ISS will get to wear a special AI designed headset. This special AI headset has been designed by Israeli startup Brain.Space. This four year old Israeli startup wants to unravel the neurological impact caused by long time space travel (Read more)


Instagram wants to make it easier to support social causes   

Instagram has been often accused of promoting narcissistic behavior among the young users. But the perception may soon get a makeover as Instagram is trying to make it easier to support social causes on its platform. According to reports, Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will give the choice to it users to support social causes including with fundraise. Instagram users can search for social causes or social movements using  hashtags (Read more)

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