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Tesla to Debut on Indian roads next year – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out.  


Tesla to Debut on Indian roads next year

Elon Musk standing besides Tesla car…Image source: Flickr

India’s wait for Tesla seems to have been finally over. According to Indian Express, the electric car maker is planning to start selling its car next year. However, the exact timeline has not been disclosed. The model that will be reportedly launched in India is Model 3, which is among the cheapest Tesla cars. Media reports also further claim that Tesla may also plan to set up a manufacturing base in India.


Facebook is winding up Irish Unit due to Taxation Issues

Facebook is all set to close all its Iris holding companies as it faces growing pressure from the U.S. government to avoid the European tax haven country. Over the last few years, America’s tax collection watchdog IRS has been going after the social media giant for allegedly hoarding profit in tax havens to avoid taxation in the U.S.  Well, it is now apparent that Facebook has finally succumbed to IRS demands. The social media giant said in a statement that it is ‘winding up Irish operation’ and will divert all the properties including its IP properties back to the US.


Coinbase to suspend trading of leading cryptocurrency (XRP) following a lawsuit against Ripple  

Cryptocurrency trading exchange Coinbase has decided to delist XRP cryptocurrency from next year after SEC raised a red flag. SEC has claimed that XRP poses a major security issue to the financial system. After Ripple, XRP is the second major cryptocurrency to face backlash from US authorities in recent times (source).


India gets its first-ever AI community center  

India has got its first-ever AI education community center in the IT hub of Hyderabad. Launched by the IT giant Hexagon as part of its social responsibility, this AI community center aims to democratize artificial intelligence and take it to the Indian masses. India, like China, is trying hard to make progress in cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Ant Group asked to mend ways and return back to payment roots

Chinese regulators have increased further pressure on the Ant Group, Jack Ma’s financial empire. Reports coming from China claimed that the Chinese government wants to restrict Ant Group only to payment business. This means Ant Group may have to exit from the highly lucrative wealth management and consumer loan business segments, which will prove to be a big setback for the company.

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