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Tesla blocks access to video games on moving cars – Top Tech News


Tesla blocks access to video games on moving cars

Elon Musk standing besides Tesla car…Image source: Flickr

Tesla owners in the U.S. henceforth won’t be able to play games on moving car. The Elon Musk owned company said that it will be soon sending a software update to users from playing video games while the car is moving. This step obviously has been taken as part of its security measure (Read more).


TikTok is the most popular website of 2021 (Ousts Google)

How to go viral on TikTok in just 5 steps!

TikTok has knocked off the traditional favorite Google from the top slot to emerge as the most popular website of 2021, according to prominent IT company Cloudfare. Cloudfare claimed that TikTok held the numero uno position in February, March & June this year and has been holding the number one position since August. The Pandemic infused lockdown has played a major role in propelling the popularity of the video sharing app, the IT company said in the report (Read more).


Why Intel apologized China

Intel has tendered unconditional apology to the Chinese government for asking its suppliers not to source products or labor from the northwestern region of XinJiang. The U.S. chip maker was compelled to backtrack from its controversial stance following widespread backlash in China. The Communist party’s mouthpiece called Intel’s stance as ‘absurd’ and ‘unacceptable’ (Read more)


Russia fines Twitter (again)

A court in Moscow has penalized the microblogging giant for nearly 3 Mn roubles for failing to delete content deemed as illegal by the Russian government. Russia had already penalized Twitter in March by slowing down its download speed for violating its content policy. The latest decision is part of Russia’s ongoing crackdown against the so called big tech companies (Read more)


Web3 Impact: Marc Andreesen blocks Jack Dorsey on Twitter

Portrait Shot of Twitter CEO
Image Credits: Flickr Matin Guptil

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter feud with venture capitalist entrepreneur Marc Andreesen escalated on Wednesday, after Andreesen blocked Dorsey on Twitter. Twitter’s founder entered in a verbal spat with Andreesen after the former made relentless attack on Web3 technologies, the decentralized version of internet (Read more).      

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