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Tesla & Alameda County Legal Spat ends – Top Trending News

Here are top trending news from the world of technology 


Tesla and Alameda County’s brief legal spat comes to an end

Image source: Flickr

Tesla and Alameda County’s brief legal spat over Fremont factory reopening has finally come to an end, after the former decided to drop the lawsuit on Wednesday. The court has officially granted the dismissal of lawsuit. The legal battle between Musk’s electric vehicle company and Alameda County began earlier this month, after Musk became stubborn about defying the work from home orders and threatened to sue the California government if Tesla is not allowed to re-open its Fremont factory.


Twitter is testing a tool that may stop trolls from replying to your tweet

Image source: Flickr

Twitter is currently busy in testing a new tool that was introduced on its platform earlier this year. If you’re twitter account is part of this testing then you have the option of choosing who all can reply to your tweets. You can choose from any one option from the following three options: allowing replies from everyone, people who you follow or only those who you @ mention. However, there is still no guarantee that Twitter will make this a permanent and universal feature.


 Singapore Judge uses Zoom app to sentence man to death

A Singapore Judge on Wednesday sentenced 37 year old Malaysian to death for his involvement in heroine transaction. Although this is surely not the first that a Singapore court has ordered a death sentence, this is probably for the first time that it has done this through a video conferencing app. And, of course, the concerned judge used Zoom app, the app that has caught everyone’s fancy after the world became acquainted with the phenomena called ‘lockdown.’


Meet the NASA Astronauts who will soon fly on SpaceX Spacecraft

Image source: Nasa

In few weeks’ time, NASA Astronauts Bob Bhenken and Doug Hurley will soon have a tryst with history. After all, they will be the first American astronauts to go into the space in over a decade. And the history doesn’t just end here. These astronauts will not fly on NASA spacecraft but on a SpaceX’s crew dragon spacecraft. This is probably for the first time in the history that a private space company will be engaged in a high-profile space project.


Starting July 6th, Facebook will start reopening offices globally

Image Source: FNASAlickr

According to Bloomberg, Facebook will start reopening offices worldwide starting July 6th with strict safety measures. However, reports claim that Facebook will only allow 25% workforce in every workplace while the rest of the employees will probably work from home.



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